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Before and After: Nostalgia through Transformation

Leigh Leigh
RE-K, いいつかけんちくこうぼう いいつかけんちくこうぼう
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It has begun to infiltrate every modern individual in recent years, including the younger generation—taking extreme care in repairing and reusing old objects and things.

There is also a great love for the old, from personal belongings to the house you grew up in. We find value and beauty simply because it is old, enjoying it further for its sentimental value.

In the renovation of this Japanese home, which dates back 35 years, homify is going to introduce something amazing to you today!

After three generations of dwellers, these talented architects have attempted to rebuild and reform the home, integrating the new and the old so that all of the elements work together in harmony, creating a beautiful sense of nostalgia.

Before: Close home surrounded by a fence

We can see that this home used to be an old-fashioned tiled Japanese house. Even the photo is old! There's nothing particularly bad about it, but we can see why the owners were ready for a bit of a refresher. 

After: A Renovated Exterior

The appearance from the exterior has changed so much that you'd be forgiven for not realising it's actually the original property.

The designers have removed the garage and the fence from the front of the house, opening the home up.

Yet, the style remains a traditional Japanese home. The modern house also gives us the impression of calm and inviting with its large entrance and porch.

After: Opening up the Japanese House

The spacious wooden deck that leads out from the kitchen, dining and living room opens up the entire main living space. Large sweeping windows create continuity between the inside and the outside spaces, creating a very spacious feeling.

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Before: The Boring Kitchen

This is a kitchen where you can dine as well, thanks to the tables and chairs, but there isn't much life or personality in this space.

After: A Gathering through the Generations

This is a totally natural interior, which has adopted wood for the floors, furniture and finishes.

Partitions soften the division between the two spaces, made up of a wooden frame that is fitted with glass. This also creates a very light and open interior.

Conversation between the family can also gather momentum, thanks to the kitchen island. Have a look at these other kitchen accessory must-haves.

Accents of colour have been incorporated into this wooden space, creating a warm atmosphere that is inviting when the family gathers.

Before: An Impersonal Living room

This living room looks very impersonal, crowded, cluttered and uncomfortable. It's your classic untidy and slightly outdated space. It's not completely beyond help, but in our opinion, a total overhaul is the best choice. 

Before: Too many Japanese-style Elements

While a theme is important, you don't want to go over the top. All of these Japanese-style elements create a very claustrophic space, especially the lower ceiling. 

Before: An Ineffective Sliding Door

The living space has been divided by a sliding door, which is not very practical, modern or useful. Room dividers can be great options in large spaces, but in this instance it isn't quite working. 

After: Modern and Open Space

The wooden parquet flooring gives a modern edge the space, while maintaining a sense of nostalgia for the home's heritage. 

We can see that the designers have gotten rid of the wall that separated the two spaces, creating a unique fusion between the old and the new. By incorporating old elements into the new and modern home, the relationship between the different generations is strengthened and the memories and heritages are preserved.

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After: Living in a new but nostalgic home

This room shows how wood has been used across the one wall, which creates a calm and warm atmosphere. 

The interior fits in well with the older generation's style, while the younger generation is represented by simpler furniture and warm lighting.

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After: Use the Outside Space Aggressively

Look at the terrace from the living room. It is as light and airy and looks completely different to what it looked like in the previous house. This also provides an opportunity to spend time outside by facilitating access to the terrace!

After: Increase in the use of solid flooring

Let's look at this private room. It has very similar flooring that we've seen throughout the rest of the home, but the warm wood is used throughout the horizontal space. This matches the widows frames and the upholstered sofas, which creates a very nostalgic atmosphere.

After: Pleasant house fusing the old and the new

The living space for the family to use is open after the renovation, bringing together the joy of a social space in the house.

Old and new elements are fused together beautifully, while modern design overlaps the retro style of the house. The flow of time exists throughout the space, descending across it quietly. 

The interchange exists where the new inhabitants meet the old design!

Do you believe in fusing the old with the new?

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