Gardening: 8 beautiful garden features you can DIY in one weekend

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No two gardens are alike. Yours might be jam-packed with prize-winning roses and a pebble-adorned garden path, while your neighbour could have only a few vegetable patches and an apple tree.

Regardless of what your garden looks like (or what you wish it looked like), there is a world of choices to consider, such as garden features. Delightful touches of pleasant décor to spruce up that garden, maybe lure in a few butterflies and birds, but ultimately to make it an outdoor space that you can be proud of – and show off, of course.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 8 to-die-for garden features that can make any garden space (yes, yours too) so wonderfully exquisite.

A quaint seating spot

A garden is more than just planting, watering, and weeding. You will need a comfortable spot where you can relax and enjoy watching your hard work bloom and flourish.

We love this rustic little getaway spot, complete with potted plants and garden décor, which houses a charming seating area. Ideal for when you want to read in peace and quiet, enjoy your afternoon tea, or your evening wine.

A stunning garden path

A garden path is not just there to keep you from walking in the mud – it forms part of your garden’s character. And there are so many choices to choose from: straight and modern, stepping stones, swirly and curly, mosaic tiles, pebbles… for any garden style or size you are bound to find quite a few path options!

Flowers and/or plants

It goes without saying that a garden immediately becomes more lush and welcoming with the addition of some colourful florals and soft foliage. Although not all gardens opt for an abundance of flowers (just think of a Japanese Zen garden), there is nothing like walking into your outdoor space and being greeted by the combination of colours, scents, and sounds of birds and garden creatures delightfully approving of your flower choices.

The beauty of a bridge

If you have the space, then why not? You don’t need a fancy garden pond to have a bridge; you can place it just about anywhere. It’s purely for aesthetic purposes, anyway. 

Just notice how stunning the addition of a bridge makes this garden space above seems, courtesy of professional landscape designers Kirchner Garten.

A socialising spot

timeless attractive garden with velvet ambiance and in complete harmony/ sfeervolle tuin met bijzondere ambiance in volledige harmonie. FLORERA , design and realisation gardens and other outdoor spaces. Modern Garden
FLORERA , design and realisation gardens and other outdoor spaces.

timeless attractive garden with velvet ambiance and in complete harmony/ sfeervolle tuin met bijzondere ambiance in volledige harmonie.

FLORERA , design and realisation gardens and other outdoor spaces.

How are you going to show off that garden if you never invite your friends into it? Whether it’s an outdoor dining area or a fireplace with some comfy seats, a socialising spot can dramatically increase your garden’s pizzazz and potential. 

Al fresco dining under the moonlight, anyone?

Some glowing lighting

Who says you can’t enjoy a garden once the sun sets? That’s why they invented exterior lighting.

Garden lights are not only there to light your footpath during your dusk garden stroll, they also add some ambience and enchanting touches – and can go perfect with that socialising spot we talked about earlier.

A statue or two

Bird on Ball Garden Statue - MiaFleur homify Garden Accessories & decoration

Bird on Ball Garden Statue—MiaFleur


One of the most commonly used ideas for decorating the garden is garden statues. If done correctly, these sculptures can definitely make your garden look gorgeous and help you find the peace and natural setting that you might be looking for. 

Which themed statues would look stunning in your garden? Fairytales? Abstract? Asian? How about dancing gnomes or Roman warriors?

One fabulous water feature

A bit of H2O is always welcome in an outdoor space. But there’s no need to kick-start a DIY project and build your own garden pond if you don’t want to. A fountain or similar water feature can look just as striking, or even a swimming pool (if you have the space and the budget, that is). 

However, should you feel like trying your hand at building a garden pond, then see: Boost your garden… with a pond.

We’re dying to know which features you want to add to your garden; so, share with us in the comments section below.

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