8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen

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The kitchen is a sacred place. It is where we prepare the sustenance that power our bodies, cuisine to inspire our souls, and moments to feed our relationships. Sharing a meal is one of the most socially intimate practices, and has been since time immemorial. A kitchen is therefore not only a functional space, but also a creative and social one. 

The challenge, however, is keeping this important space clean and clear. It can be easy to lose sight of the kitchen's charm when it is full of clutter. On the other side, there are many different pieces of kitchen equipment essential to fulfilling the vital functions of the kitchen, not to mention all the ingredients for scrumptious meals. To reconcile these needs, every kitchen needs great storage solutions. 

Here on homify we have brought you some innovative storage solutions and ideas, including those for alternative clothing storage, as well as for small homes. Today, however, we will focus on the kitchen, and look at 8 great storage ideas.

1. Neatly hidden

Here we have a great storage solution, tailored to the kitchen environment. A pantry is a great kitchen feature, and can be essential to the aspiring chef. This one has a clever folding door which saves space and hides away the storage items when unnecessary. 

2. Using the wall

When you run out of counter space and shelves, you may think you have little options left to you. This idea disproves that notion, as it effectively shows how we can use wall space directly to store items. By simply adding a magnetic strip and a rail with hooks, you get a very effective and trending storage area right on the wall. 

3. Using all of the wall

Rational luxury FABRI Modern kitchen Wood effect

Rational luxury


Now if you're in way too deep with the amount of clutter in your kitchen, you may opt to bypass the rail with hooks and go straight to turning an entire wall into shelving space. Not only will you create an enormous amount of storage space, but you will also add a very pleasing aesthetic to your kitchen if done right, as in this image. 

4. Industrial style

Quebec Way, Haggerston Rousseau Modern kitchen

Quebec Way, Haggerston


Next up we have an option for modern homes with all the latest trends. Industrial style is very popular right now, and this option falls squarely within that realm. A metal shelving unit is a quick and easy, non-permanent addition to your kitchen and can provide a large amount of storage space. In addition, if is much cheaper than other options, and you get to show of your fancy cookware!

5. Vertical shelving

The Thatched Cottage, Suffolk | Modern Soft Grey Country Cottage Kitchen Humphrey Munson Kitchen
Humphrey Munson

The Thatched Cottage, Suffolk | Modern Soft Grey Country Cottage Kitchen

Humphrey Munson

When it comes to small kitchen, the issue of storage space is particularly important, and may feel all the more valuable. In these situations, the only real way to go, is up. Vertical storage is a great solution for any kitchen, but can be the key to streamlining things in a tiny one. What's more is, you have all your cookware and crockery in plain sight, so you will be deterred from starting to collect clutter again. 

6. Effective drawers

Drawers are undeniable beneficial for effective kitchen storage. They become all the less useful, however, when we start shoving anything in the closest drawer just to keep the counters clean. A solution to this is compartmental units to install in your drawers, ensuring that each item/ set of items have their own, easily identifiable space. 

7. The kitchen island

Style and substance FABRI Modern kitchen Multicolored

Style and substance


At number 7 we have a storage solution which makes use of the kitchen island. Most modern homes host an island in the kitchen, especially those with open-plan designs. The island does not, however, only have to be counter space with a few appliances installed. It can also host a range of storage solutions, like cupboards, drawers and a wine rack. 

8. Getting the most out of cupboards

Intelligent Kitchen Storage Solutions NAKED Kitchens Kitchen
NAKED Kitchens

Intelligent Kitchen Storage Solutions

NAKED Kitchens

We wrap up our list of clever kitchen storage ideas with a spin on the traditional cupboard. Every kitchen has cupboards, and granted, they are an essential part of the storage system. There are ways, however, to make them more effective, like with this nifty shelves from Nakes Kitchens which swing out when you open the cupboard door, and hide themselves again when you close it. Convenience is at our doorstep!

Which one of these ideas would you like to try in your own kitchen?

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