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Hire an interior designer and avoid costly mistakes

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Its a blue 2021 CS DESIGN Modern kitchen
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People often question themselves ‘will the fees of hiring an interior designer consume a large percentage of the overall budget?’, and the answer to this question is an absolute no. In fact, hiring a designer can actually help prevent some of the costly mistakes, which otherwise can blow up your entire budget. And this has been further clearly explained here through the designs presented by the interior designers and decorators from CS Design, Sandton. A lot of times, people commit so many mistakes regarding scaling, sizing, layering and picking the right colour palette, which if not corrected timely can cost them a fortune. Continue to read to know more about such costly mistakes that can be easily avoided with the assistance of an expert interior designer.

1.Not understanding the layout properly

All custom items CS DESIGN Living room

All custom items


Not paying attention to the size or the layout can leave a negative impact on your well-planned budget. Positioning an L-shaped sofa in a rectangular setting may not be an ideal choice, as instead you should look for numerous compact seating options to give it a more spacious yet well-organized feel. The designers do not let you make such mistakes as they know exactly the kind of furniture that can best complement the layout or the size of the room. 

2.Creating an imbalance in the colour scheme

Renovation of an old holiday home into a permanent residence in Walker Bay CS DESIGN Modern kitchen

Renovation of an old holiday home into a permanent residence in Walker Bay


While working with a designer, you are not only able to select just the best colour scheme for your house, but also create a visually well-balanced space that can exude charm for years. For instance, a designer may pick a neutral colour palette for the kitchen to make it align with the rest of the house, but may also add a vibrant colour to the backsplash to lend it a unique character.

3.Sourcing furniture and décor accessories from the wrong places

Full Home Renovation During Lockdown CS DESIGN Modern dining room

Full Home Renovation During Lockdown


People often make the mistake of sourcing the right accessories from the wrong places, and this lack of knowledge results in increased overall cost. On the contrary, the designers know where to get those extraordinary lighting fixtures or the dining chairs which can align with the theme of your dining space, without paying a heavy price.

4.Fail to optimally utilize the space

Custom Woodwork CS DESIGN Modern style bedroom

Custom Woodwork


Simply putting trendy pieces of furniture in your house may completely eliminate the element of functionality, and this is something a designer does not allow. As the highly skilled professionals make sure to provide custom furniture pieces for your house to optimally utilize the whole space while offering an unmatched appeal. For example, an expert designer can efficiently use an empty wall in your bedroom to create a beautiful cabinet cum study area.

5.Lack of attention to detail

Bathroom CS DESIGN Eclectic style bathroom



Sometimes, people feel disappointed at the end of their home design project which definitely leads to wastage of time, effort and money. The designers have a keen eye for details and they know how to organize your rooms in a way you probably never thought of. For instance, they can effortlessly execute your dream of a luxury bathroom by layering it with paintings, chandeliers, exquisite mirrors and other décor accessories while making sure that they remain in sync with each other.

6. Inability to maximize investment in a commercial setup

Coffee Shop Design CS DESIGN Gastronomy

Coffee Shop Design


The interior designers are not only required for revamping homes but also for designing commercial spaces. When it comes to a commercial space, the business owners often look at what is present in front of them, but the interior designers focus on creating a timeless design so that you can consider it as an investment for several years to come. 

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