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MARIANGEL COGHLAN Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase Multicolored
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Family is important. Spending time with loved ones, sharing experiences, and growing together all takes a lot, and it is the smallest of actions that count (such as sharing breakfast or chatting about your day). 

Mexican designers Mariangel Coghlan understand this concept very well, yet they also understand what glamour and style mean. So, what were to happen if we were to mix the typical ‘family home’ with a healthy dose of ‘glamour’ and ‘sophistication’? Well then, you would get this house which we are about to view here on homify 360°.

A sober and modern facade

The front view of the house, the facade that faces the street, is quite simple and unobtrusive, yet very far from bland. Counting privacy as a must-have element for their lifestyle, the family opted for a high wall of natural stone to surround the house – and just see how those creamy shades contrast with the dark chocolate brown of the garage door and main entrance gate.

Glamour at the back

Taking one look at the back of the house makes it clear that this house loves to socialise. A spacious patio, complete with areas for both dining and relaxing, serves as the stylish link between the beautiful lawn/garden and the generous glass sliding doors of the interiors. 

And these doors serve as the entrance to the living room and dining room, both of which occupy the open-plan area inside. 

Notice the interesting design of the patio roof, with strips of wood alternating between closed and open to allow select shades of moonlight through.

The front entrance

If everybody could have this sight to greet them every day, the world would be much friendlier. Pristine wood, stylish stone, and lush foliage form only part of the magical main entrance.

We love how bits of lighting shine from between the ceiling beams, with soft doses of illuminating glows lightly cascading down onto the pebble floor.

The spa-like interiors

Is it just us, or do those interior colours evoke a powerful atmosphere of peace and tranquillity? While the walls and floor remain a calm blend between white and cream, serene greys and restful blues adorn the décor and furniture. 

We love the fact that even though the furniture combination is eclectic (classic sofa mixed with a rustic coffee table), nothing seems out of place or mismatched. The main reason? That calming palette and the fact that everything is expertly placed.

Open and majestic

The social area of the interiors (the living/dining space that adjoins that beautiful patio) bathes in stunning natural light, thanks to the double-storey windows. Whether you are enjoying a meal or practising Chopsticks at the piano, that amazing view and feeling of lightness is an everyday guarantee. 

Due to the interesting shapes and placement of elements, the moving sun ensures an exciting interplay between light and shadow that constantly changes throughout the day.

The reading corner

This is probably what sophisticated people do for after-dinner entertainment: indulge in some piano tunes while scoping out literary masterpieces in their personal library. Imagine the delightful notes of Für Elise in the background while paging through a Jane Austen classic and enjoying a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon…

A kitchen to dine for

How practical! Thanks to clever design, the kitchen is not only spacious, but fantastically modern too. A beautiful marble island takes centre stage, ready for anything from food prepping to providing dining surface, while modern appliances and more-than-sufficient storage space are located in seemingly every available surface area.

The family room

Family time is important, and when that time is spent in a house as wonderful and glamorous as this one, then even better! 

The first floor is where we locate the family room ideal for any activity from watching movies, playing video games, or just chatting and laughing through quality time. The colour palette, a subtle blend between creams, blues and greys, ensures that the incoming natural light is enhanced to perfection, but those stunning double-storey windows don’t hurt either!

The study that’s stylish

With a home office as immaculately designed as this one, who could mind a little overtime? Modern furniture, classic surfaces, and tranquil colours all dance together quite amicably in this perfectly laid out space. 

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The comments section below is purely for you, so tell us: what do you think of this house?

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