29 Spectacular Designs to Celebrate Deborah Garth's 29 Years of Success

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With almost three decades of experience in designing homes and corporate spaces, Deborah Garth has become one of the most popular interior designers and decorators in Johannesburg. Recently, the company completed 29 years in the industry, and to give you a glimpse of its growth over the years, here are 29 remarkable interior designs crafted by it. All the designs offer you a unique concept and display the designer’s capability to transform every inch of the property just as required by the clients.

1.Inviting front façade

The façade of the home presents an uplifting and calming vibe.

2. Open and minimally designed living space

A beautiful open living space emphasizing on the concept of ‘less is more’.

3. High-end kitchen renovation

A modern marvel featuring clean lines, attractive accent wall and a soothing colour palette.

4. Elegant staircase

An impressive marble staircase paired with glass railing to lend a luxe feel.

5. Classy main bedroom

Flaunting a visually relaxing vibe through symmetrical and tonal balance.

6. Interesting kid’s bedroom

A versatile design to support children through their growing years.

7. An asymmetrical beauty

Creating a visually stimulating space with several asymmetrical elements.

8. A grand dining room

Boosting the chic appeal with bespoke furniture, neutral colours and minimalistic design theme.

9. A deluxe bathroom

Modern fittings and calming designs producing a spa-like ambience.

10. A neutrally toned dining room

Wooden table and clear chairs working excellently in a monochromatic setting.

11. Top-notch front façade

Aluminium window frames, off-white colour and painted white door, together create a welcoming façade.

12. Clever space utilisation

Clever use of every inch to make the whole setting highly functional.

13. Plantation-style living room

Soft seafoam and neutral earthy colours give an unmatched character to this room.

14. A cosy lounge area

Used a small section of the living room to create a comfy lounge area.

15. Welcoming sitting area

Featuring a comfortable arrangement and fresh furnishings to let you lounge in style.

16. A classic outdoor dining

A country-like dining in the garden to seamlessly cater the needs of two.

17. An all-black kitchen

A glamourous design achieved by incorporating tones of grey and black.

18. A graceful bedroom

A lavish bedroom combining the drama of black colour and the royal touch of damask print.

19. A well-planned guest bathroom

A wallpaper with charming drawings infusing life into this bathroom.

20. A serene dining room

A classic dining room featuring light colours, large dining table, and ample natural light.

21. An inspiring design

Multiple basic design elements bringing out the true characteristics of this office.

22. A refreshing design for garage

Use of art in garage delivers unconventional and stunning results.

23. An interesting fusion for dining room

African art fused with European design to give an amazing dining space.

24. Never seen before feature wall

Beautiful and realistic blue faces infusing a lively touch in the wall.

25. A rustic cooking area

Unfinished walls lend a rustic charm in this kitchen.

26. A traditional lounge

A clutter-free design full of warmth, character and a welcoming ambience.

27. Smart use of corners

Strategic use of art to restore balance in the otherwise minimalistic design.

28. A clean layout

Covered dominantly in white and featuring an open plan with a seamless layout.

29. Modern dining room

A perfect dining setup for making the best use of the limited available space.

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