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戸手本町の家(リフォーム), アトリエ スピノザ アトリエ スピノザ Scandinavian style houses
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Ever wondered what an architect’s house looks like? When designing homes for others, an architect is limited in terms of the client’s needs and desires, and therefore doesn’t have as much free rein. However, when it comes to their own private residence, they are no longer influenced by other external sources – complete control is theirs!

Today on homify 360° we take a delightful tour of the home that belongs to the lead architect of Japanese firm Atelier Spinoza. Walking through his private residence is like peering into his mind, and seeing his bold interpretation of Asian architecture and modern building techniques – quite exciting!

A perfect spot

The architect had the fortunate opportunity of purchasing this prominent residential plot a few years prior. Since it is surrounded by other small to medium-size structures, special attention had to be paid to his house’s design so as not to compromise his or the neighbours’ privacy. 

Focus also had to go to the bulk and shape of the house to ensure that the rear courtyard enjoyed prominent natural lighting throughout the day.

A big welcome

What could be more inviting than a big entrance hallway? To ensure some character, diverse wooden tones and traditional objects were added to the contemporary designed interiors – but just keep an eye out for those classic elements of Japanese designs, as they are present in every room. 

The frontrunners in terms of eye-catching style here would undoubtedly be those exposed timber beams and the custom-crafted wooden cupboard at the end of the corridor, both of which show off a raw and natural appeal in their designs.

A Japanese ambience

In designing the garden, the architect has abided by strict principles of Japanese gardening. Much more than a mere collection of plants, this garden is a work of art that presents a set of immaculately trimmed and poised plants. Those trees have been pruned to perfection, and the gravel has been maintained with a unique combination of strict delicacy. 

As time passes, the garden will change and flaunt different looks as the owners dedicate more time and effort to it.

Some natural inspiration

A delicate space as a garden can serve as fantastic inspiration, which is exactly why the study was placed right next to it. Providing a view of the exterior plants and fresh beauty are the set of windows positioned at eye-line in front of the study’s desk. 

This is also a fantastic way of ensuring that some warm and friendly sunshine enters the room throughout the day.

Time to relax – we’ll show you how to: Have your own holistic garden!

A space for the self

A neutral palette can take on various forms, from dark and daring to soft and tranquil. This room is definitely the latter, as it has been designed with relaxation in mind – it is the Tatami room, a speciality of Japanese homes. 

The Tatami room is used for personal reflection and relaxation. The rules state that these rooms’ designs must always be simple and non-intrusive. That is why this space’s design focuses more on openness and the architecture instead of decorative items.

A very contemporary room

Before we conclude our tour, we take a sneak peek at a room that flaunts an abundance of chipboard, a material that is denser, lighter, and more uniform than conventional wood and plywood. Wall-to-ceiling surfaces have been adorned with this material, making for a room and ambience that are most definitely exceptional. 

This type of material is a very trending choice for 2016 due to its durability and diverse qualities, ensuring that any room clad in it will be a most contemporary space indeed.

If you could design your own house, what style would you go for? What would it look like? Do share the details with us below...

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