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12 Clever storage ideas

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Urbanisation and city living is becoming an unavoidable fact of our modern world. This means smaller homes and apartments, and all of us having to live in more compact spaces. This comes with its own pleasures and woes, just like everything in life. Benefits of a small home include lower energy costs and less surface area to clean, which no-one will complain about! On the other hand, however, it also has its drawbacks, such as limited storage space. This brings us to our list for today. 

Living in a small spaces necessitates us to find clever storage solutions in order to compensate for the lack of space we have to accommodate all of our belongings. This can be a difficult task, and we often find ourselves getting stuck in the same rut of unimaginative and insufficient storage options. Fortunately, homify is here to help, and we have put together a list of 12 clever storage ideas that are sure to brighten your day. Let's begin!

1. Dead space no more

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase

Innovative storage solutions.


Our first idea is a great one indeed. Any house with more than one level has a set of stairs, and usually the space below it remains unused. This clever solution takes care of two problems at once, though, providing valuable storage space and making use of area that would otherwise go unused. Very creative!

For other ideas about what to do with space under stairs, take a look at: these creative ideas.

2. Mezzanine

Next up we have this ingenious solution of creating more space than there actually is. The simple addition of a platform in the bedroom instantly creates a space for storage containers, whilst not impeding much on the visual space and actual usable area.

3. Make-shift

This idea is a simple one that can be executed by anyone, whether you are a home owner or simply renting a small apartment. It is perfect for the fashion lover who never seems to have enough closet space. Clothes rails don't have to be the standard, metallic rods, but can be decorative items added to your home. 

4. Multi-purpose divisions

As we have said, creativity is key, and it is certainly being portrayed in this image. When we can integrate storage space into items that are usually used for something else, we know we have a good idea. A room divider which is also a book shelf is an excellent example. 

5. Another stair solution

Now we get back to another staircase solution. The reason why we have so many ideas in this realm, is that the space under stairs will otherwise not be used at all. It is a treasure of storage options! Here, the entire stair space is simply transformed into shelving units. 

6. The foot of the bed

This solution from Ecus furniture and accessories brings another level of meaning to the foot of the bed. For this reason, this is a very appropriate placement of this shoe storage area. The flip-away storage space saves a lot of space and goes a long way in organising the bedroom.

7. Stylish boxes

Using boxes as a storage tool has been with us for a long time, and is no novel idea. When you add a little colour coordination, however, you can make this storage solution into a design feature instead of simple storage area. Good taste and function combine in this clever idea. 

8. Structural storage

Storage homify Eclectic style bedroom



We've already mentioned a few ways in which you can build in extra storage space for yourself. This is another such way, and a very effective one at that. A wooden structure with shelves and cabinets that fit into a large hallway will not diminished much moving room, but will give you several shelves to store your valuable items.

9. Unfolding

Corner space storage ideas to easily reach everything Kitchencraft Modern kitchen

Corner space storage ideas to easily reach everything


Now to the kitchen. This seems to be the one room where we tend to build up clutter like no other. It is very nice to have a variety of cooking utensils and tableware, though, so finding an effective storage option may be much better than trying to decrease the number of items you have in store. This kitchen cupboard easily offers up its content for access, although it keeps it all effectively stored and out of sight when not needed. 

10. Along the lines

Here is an attic storage solution that will make anyone's life a lot easier. The selves and drawers of this attic fit neatly into the structure of the room, optimising every corner and space of the room. In the blink of an eye this little attic is transformed into a walk-in closet!

11. Garden options

Garden storage wayne maxwell Modern Garden
wayne maxwell

Garden storage

wayne maxwell

Covering all our bases, we wanted to add an idea for the garden as well. This clever storage locker can be used to store sports equipment and toys. It is disguised in the same material as used in the exterior of the rest of the home, creating a united composition and design. 

12. Every single corner

Under staircase storage design homify Corridor, hallway & stairs Stairs

Under staircase storage design


Our last idea involves using even the most obscure area as storage space. We have already seen ideas using the space under stairs, and now we can see how the space above it can be used. The be creative, we have to make use of each corner available to us. 

Which of these storage solutions were your favourite?
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