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Should you start gardening?

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We all know someone who has a thing for gardening; someone who just seems so at ease when handling delicate flowers, newly grown plants, and not even to mention all those gardening tools and accessories! Looks so relaxing, doesn’t it? 

So, should we all immediately start crafting great outdoor spaces and start planting flowers, fruits and veggies? Apparently not, because gardening is not meant for every single person and household, as these pros and cons taught us when we first came across them…  

1. The pros of gardening: Embellish your home

Don’t ever forget that, with the right garden, both your home’s kerb appeal and asking price could get a major boost. And don’t discount the style power of bringing some of your gorgeous outdoor plants and flowers inside to enhance your interiors. 

2. The pros of gardening: Grow your own food

Family garden Magical Garden Country style garden
Magical Garden

Family garden

Magical Garden

It’s not just about growing your own food so you can spend less on groceries. Not supporting the purchasing of food that’s been shipped over long distances to your store also improves your ecological footprint.

And remember that, generally, it’s healthier to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables compared with conventional foods treated with pesticides, for instance. 

3. The pros of gardening: Saving money

Yes, starting a garden does mean you’ll need to spend money on tools, plants, seeds, etc. But, it can really make a dent in your monthly expenses, particularly if you opt for your own fruit/vegetable gardens. And just think: you’ll never have to spend money buying another flower bouquet again.

4. The pros of gardening: It’s exercise

Seeing as it gets you out in the fresh air and lets you dig around in the dirt, walk around, pick up heavy objects, etc, gardening is rightfully classified as a physical workout. And the more you have in your garden to keep you busy, the more strenuous your gardening can be. 

5. The cons of gardening: Great initial costs

Container Living Acton Gardens Industrial style garden Wood Brown
Acton Gardens

Container Living

Acton Gardens

But even though gardening has many other benefits, there are also some downsides. Like the fact that it can work out quite costly in the beginning depending on the type/size of garden you have in mind.

It might be best to share your gardening dreams with a professional Gardener and/or Landscape Architect and get some professional advice/assistance. 

6. The cons of gardening: Insufficient space

Living in a spacious home with a great, big garden doesn’t sound bad, right? Well, what if you’re in a teen tiny apartment with nothing more than a little balcony and BIG dreams for gardening – what then? 

Of course you’ll have your options, like crafting a little herb garden on your kitchen windowsill or setting down a few potted plants. But fact remains that the smaller your property size, the more limited your growing opportunities. 

7. The cons of gardening: Diseases

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Cape Town Tree Felling

Tree Planting and Replacement

Cape Town Tree Felling

Although gardening is a healthy hobby, there’s always the odd chance of picking up a sickness. Plants, animal manure, and compost are all sources of fungi and bacteria which can lead to infections, such as tetanus and sepsis. And there’s always the possibility of being bitten by a tick or two, which is why it’s so important to invest in proper gardening gloves (and then wear them). 

8. The cons of gardening: Difficult plants

Gardeners, especially novices, also have their fair share of troubles, like trying to keep plants and alive. Remember that certain plants will grow much better than others depending on climatic conditions, like Cornflower and Marigold that grow much better in summer. 

Besides, it just makes sense to plan before you plant, right? So, first read up on which plants to grow when and where before you decide to kick-start your 2021 garden.

Next up: discover the pros and cons of having Great big windows.

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So, is gardening a MUST or a DON’T for you?
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