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11 Dining Tables That Are Simply Delectable

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Whatever the circumstances of your meal, whether it’s a fabulous five-course decadence or a simple sandwich, dining at a table makes a world of difference. It is the element in a home that brings people together. It is where friends share jokes, families share stories, and lovers share meaningful glances. 

Your dining table encourages you to celebrate your style, not only the design and décor that you deem appropriate, but also the food that you serve. That table decides which plates you will set, whether you will opt for a tablecloth or not, and what style and colours the accompanying elements will be, such as the dining chairs, window treatment, etc.

In short: a dining table is a big deal! So, pay careful attention when scoping out the perfect table for your dining needs. And here to help you along are 11 of our most delicious dining tables on homify. From crazy and cool to elegant and chic.

Which one would look fantastic in your home?

Terrific timber

Scandinavian, rustic, modern… all the styles make use of wood for furniture, and nothing beats a sturdy piece of timber when enjoying a dinner party.

We love the sandiness that this table brings to the scene. And with that eye-catching texture and tone, this table will be equally fitting for any occasion, from breakfast toast to a high-class, elegant meal.

An element of fun

ANTONIO CARLOS RESIDENCE Mauricio Arruda Design Eclectic style dining room
Mauricio Arruda Design


Mauricio Arruda Design

If you want to distract your guests from your cooking quality, you have two choices: pour more wine, or seat them at a table that will have them talking all night. And this one by Mauricio Arruda Design will certainly get them chattering! 

Walking a fine line between elegantly modern and charmingly eclectic, this table is all glamour on top, yet party at the bottom with those delightful alternatives to regular table legs!

Chic and sleek

Modern gets a sexy upgrade with this dining table that also functions as a peninsula. But it’s not its double-duty status that grabbed our attention. That fantastic gleaming quality, not to mention devilish red tone, makes this dining table the focal point of the entire room. 

Who says dining needs to be a prim and proper event? This table knows how to cut loose with style.

A classic you can count on

We’re back to wood, only this time we take a more classic approach to this tried-and-tested material. 

Working equally well for a glamorous evening or a picnic-themed lunch, this timber structure allows for adequate seating and dining space. And the fact that low benches were used allows us to see so much more of that stunning structure.

A striking combination

What makes this dining table stand out is its classic design and prim-and-proper white colour, combined with the modern/minimalist chairs in a striking array of pastels. And we just love how the Danville-style table legs, with their well-proportioned vase form, contrasts with the rigid linearity of the table’s surface.

For a fashionable event

the dining room ZERO9 Modern dining room

the dining room


If you want your dining space to be elegantly chic, a few factors need to be present; such as, for example, a clean glass surface for the top and dark wood for the body and legs, with both portraying a shining and gleaming quality. Luckily, this dining table has all of the above!

A unique twist

Like everything else in life, table legs also keep evolving. Long gone are the days when a table had to have four simple legs. The modern style treats us to this fashionable beauty above, with a fat U-shaped body made out of caramel-toned wood, fitted with a crystal-clear glass pane – equally fitting for either a graceful office desk, or a dinner party.

Something different

Speaking of shapes and evolving, get a load of this striking vision! Comfy chairs of timber, rattan, and fabric are upstaged most fabulously by that futuristic-looking table, with its cool turquoise and strong geometric look. 

Love it or hate it, but you most certainly can’t ignore it!

A starring performance

A chic glass pane mixed with some very stylish geometric shapes results in this stunner. Those V-shaped legs, in a rich brown, take the centre stage. Its uniqueness ensures that any activity completed here, whether dining or working, will be a most classy event. 

Striking, elegant, comfortable – everything a dining room table should be.

The circle of trust

From block-shaped to round, we now turn to a quaint little spot that seems perfect for afternoon tea. Dusty timber and crisp whites make up a most charming dining table that seems just so homey and honest. 

Without trying too hard, this table grabs attention and affection, and we choose to reserve this dining space only for close friends and family.

One of a kind

From four legs to two to… one? How is that possible? Quite easy, when looking at our last choice above, where this modern dining table seems to be floating and balancing simultaneously. 

Doubling up as a prepping space for the cook, this table dares to make a bold statement when turned into a dining space, with that dark colour and fabulous body ensuring an eye-catching appearance. 

Need some more inspiration? Then see the: Homify guide to choosing a great dining table.

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