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Today on homify 360°, we rely on Spanish firm Nan Architects to lead us to a space that makes prime use of two winning elements: wood and whiteness. And what a winning combination this turns out to be! 

Our architectural team no doubt knows the effectiveness of the minimalist style, since they used it so perfectly in their creation. Focusing on the presence of space instead of objects, our team of experts has conjured up a way that presents a new way of living, thinking, mixing spaces, and using materials.

Call it ‘less is more’, or call it ‘an exercise in muted modern design’, but there is no denying the appeal that this home offers…

The use of space

Contrary to tradition, we don’t kick off this tour with a look at the facade – instead, we delve straight into the bedroom, to see how cleverly the closet and door have been combined. Walking inside the bedroom is like stepping through the closet, which has been built using a light, dusty shade of timber – quite Scandinavian. 

Tiny touches of lighting inside the closet add to the silent ambience, illuminating the clothing space without drawing too much attention away from the tranquil vibe set up by the neutral palette.

The wonder of wood

Scoping out the living room/entrance area, it is quite refreshing to see how much wood has been used. No surprise, seeing as what a versatile and comfortable materials it is: it is natural, offers multiple shades and textures, and forms a perfect partnership with any material it is combined with. 

Notice how smooth the timber flows with both the crisp whites and dramatic blacks – a perfect dance between neutrals.

Simple furniture

A cupboard, adorned in the same light timber as the rest of the interiors, line up against the wall surface between the living room and kitchen. Playing quite well on the ‘less is more’ approach, no intricate details or fancy embellishments were added – just pure wooden surfaces making up adequate storage space for a number of possible uses.

Partitioning elements

The open-floor plan is quite a popular trend. Not surprising, seeing how well it works in both large and small areas. However, sometimes a partition of some sort is needed to create separation between areas or rooms

Such as the case here, with wooden shelves and metal frames expertly conjuring up storage/display space, plus room for furniture, while also fabulously separating the living room from the rest of the interiors.

A success of neutrals

In addition to working so well with the white and black, the neutral tone of the wood also performs another important function: visual spaciousness. That light, dusty hue does a remarkable job at making the interiors seem bigger than they actually are. 

Notice how particularly bright the interiors get at the kitchen, with snow-white surfaces and stainless steel touches superbly enhancing the culinary and dining spaces.

Sublime sleeping

Since the combination of light wood and tranquil white work so well together, it was wisely decided to continue this winning duo in the bedroom. Together with creating an aura of tranquillity, this mixture makes the bedroom seem quite light and cosy – sweet dreams are almost guaranteed! 

To further enhance the limited legroom, a folding desk was added next to the bed, allowing for a clever play between functionality and space.

A new arrival

Since the bathroom is a space that is definitely “different” from the rest of the house, our designers opted to introduce a new texture here: a striking white tile that mimics a brick wall, which produces a very industrial feel. This clearly shows the positive power that a brick pattern can inject into a space! 

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What’s your take on this house? Too minimalist for your liking? Or just perfect? Tell us what you think...

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