How to decorate your hallway like a design pro

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Even though they’re the first spaces we see when entering a home (or exiting a room), hallways  rarely get the style attention they crave. And lack of space is usually the main reason for this. But today we are not only going to remind you about the importance of hallways (they connect rooms, people!), but also how to introduce some style and practicality, regardless of size or height.

This is what the professionals (like Interior Designers/Decorators) usually do…  

1. Consider your hallway’s dimensions

It just makes sense to calculate how much space you have to decorate before you start decorating. Consider your hallway’s width before you look at furnishings and décor – unless you look forward to the opportunity to send back all your furnishings just because they don’t fit! 

2. Experiment with depth

Stuck with a narrow hallway? That’s when you should focus on the floor or ceiling to draw the focus away from that limited vertical legroom. 

How would a patterned floor design, such as a chequered motif, fit into your design scheme? Or maybe some bold colours in the form of a floor rug or painted ceiling? 

3. Keep it consistent

As hallways are rarely more than “in-between zones” in a home, it’s up to you to add focal points of interest to make it more visually appetising. But ensure your décor style is consistent with what you already have going on elsewhere in the house, especially in spaces adjoining your hallway (like the living room and kitchen, for instance). 

4. Have fun with décor

Even a teeny tiny hallway can still be spiced up with the right accessories. Mirrors, benches, artwork, wall sconces, and potted plants are just some of the trendiest hallway décor ideas that are not only visually pleasing, but also functional. 

homify hint: Try and hang your hallway mirror in a spot that will help to reflect light (both natural and artificial) from a nearby window or door. 

5. Remember functionality

The more storage opportunities your hallway presents, the more functional/practical the space becomes. Think about how a console table or storage box (or, at the very least, some floating shelves) can help store bags, coats, car keys, unopened mail, etc. 

Just make sure that all furnishings and rugs you add to your high-traffic hallway are robust enough to last a while. 

6. Light it right

Layered lighting is especially helpful in small, gloomy areas where it can help create not only illumination, but also dimension and visual interest. Thus, don’t be scared to add to those simple wall sconces (for instance) with a table lamp here and perhaps an overhead fixture there…  

7. Refrain from clutter

As clutter will make your hallway feel smaller immediately, it’s up to you to keep your design simple. Consider the actual size of your entryway before you choose between a statement piece and practical storage. Select slim-style furniture and see-through pieces (made from glass, plastic, etc.) where possible. And never overlook the potential of furnishings with built-in storage compartments, like a bench here and a narrow console there…

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