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The living room is a space in the home that has holds a very special status. It is both a retreat and an exhibition, a uniquely social or private space, all depending on the context. It is the first social room in any house. In small homes, we often find that a dining room will be sacrificed, but a living room will always come first. This is not a surprise, as we all want an area where we can unwind and spend time with family. We'd much rather eat on our laps in front of the TV than not have sofas to lounge on whenever we want!

Today we will take a closer look at the living room, that treasured space of domestic life. We will, however, seek out 12 examples of these rooms that are not like others—exceptional candidates. Since the living room holds such a high status in the home, it makes sense that it will be the canvas for interesting ideas, favoured furnishing items, and decorative experimentation. That is exactly what we will explore today—12 living rooms that take things to the next level, each in its own particular way. Let's begin!

1. Bold minimalism

Our first next-level living room is an excellent example of striking minimalism. High quality materials are used in a neutral colour scheme to keep things classy, whilst also creating a clean aesthetic. The real secret of this room is the strategic lighting, which creates a warm glow around the perimeters and gentle hues in the centre.

2. All the comforts

Here we have a rather simple living room in a smaller house. What ups the ante in this room, however, is the sheer comfort that has become the most important factor. The furniture is upholstered in richly textured and soft fabric, whilst a cosy fireplace wraps around the entertainment section. 

3. Geometry

The next room on our list is undoubtedly unique. The dark colours punctuated by splashes of cool blue and grey makes for an interesting reversal of positive and negative space as it is usually employed. The star of this show, however, is the lighting feature. It consists of several light tubes, strewn across the ceiling to create a dynamic and angular dance of light. 

4. Superior materials

This living room takes the use of materials up several levels. If you are looking for a single example of using different, but all luxurious, materials, you need not look any further. Elegant marble tiles the floor, rich wooden slats grace the wall and ceiling, and a shimmering, velvety sofa more than justifies its presence in a supremely sophisticated ensemble. 

5. Labyrinth

Sometimes all a space needs to become unique amongst its peers, is a single special feature. In this case, we can see this provision in action with a spectacular labyrinthine bookshelf fitted on the back wall of the room. Not only is this functional, but also a treat to behold. 

6. Back to nature

Next up we have another unique candidate, one which looks outside to find its distinguishing characteristic. The plant feature in this living room immediately sets it apart from others not only on an aesthetic scale, but also with regards to healthier living. 

7. Impressions

The surroundings of a living space can often be much more impressive and important than the interior itself. Great news is that you don't actually have to physically be in such impressive surroundings. Here we see a living room that makes use of beautiful screen prints to transport it into another realm. 

8. Art and style

Taking your living room to the next level doesn't necessarily have to involve structural alterations or the addition of furniture, but can also play out in the 2-dimensional plane. Here we see a lovely living room which can attribute its unique status solely to the calculated use of art

9. Triumphant tiers

Now we get to a living room that is next-level in every sense of the term. This tiered mezzanine becomes an interesting and comfy living room that should appeal to anyone who sees it. This clever design comes to us from Meritxell Ribe in Barcelona.

10. Innovative forms

When looking for a way to set your living room apart from the millions of generic spaces out there, it will do you well to think out of the box. In this case, the designers played around with form and function to create a multi-functional and innovative space. 

11. Bohemian dreams

Our tastes and priorities will determine what we see as next-level, and here at homify we have something for everyone. Here we have a sweet bohemian style living room, looking romantic and playful with popping colours and detailed fabrics.

12. Intimate corner

For our last feature, we have another alternative style. This alcove living room is warm and intimate. The built-in bench and vertical shelves allow for optimal storage space, ensuring the viability of this design in homes of any size. Not to mention to wood-burning fireplace. What a treat!

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Which one of these living rooms was your favourite?

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