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The homify guide to designing your walk-in closet

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House La Croix Fresnaye KMMA architects Modern dressing room
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It’s no secret that walk-in closet designs are associated with large, luxurious homes. But remember that although they are nice to have, walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms are by no means regarded as vital. 

On the other hand, should you do have the space and budget to give your dingy old closet a sublime makeover, these are the facts you need to consider…  

1. Know your clothes’ dimensions

Whether you store your fashionables on hangers or shelves, you need to get your measurements correct from the start. Usually, the depth of wardrobe cabinets and panels range between 35 – 60 cm. And although most clothing items (including t-shirts and pants) can fit, you should consider what to do with larger pieces that are sure to protrude. 

2. Include double- and single-hang sections

House La Croix Fresnaye KMMA architects Modern dressing room
KMMA architects

House La Croix Fresnaye

KMMA architects

While measuring your clothes, take stock of what you own (and how many of each piece). For instance, is your closet more prone to blouses than dresses? That will depend on whether you should be getting double-hang or single-hang sections, as shirts and blouses usually belong in double-hang sections. Single-hang sections are normally reserved for dresses, long coats, etc. 

3. Get creative with corners

Your best approach is to utilise as much space in your walk-in dream as possible, since you can never have enough storage when it comes to clothing. And thanks to corner shelves, you can continue storing bags and suitcases in a more seamless closet design.

But should you not have the legroom for corner shelving, simply let your panel overlap the adjacent wall. At least precious storage space won’t be going to waste. 

4. Consider an island

An island can be a fantastic addition to your walk-in closet, but then the available space needs to be perfect. Ideally, there needs to be about 90 cm walkway on each side of the island, although 75 – 60 cm will also suffice. 

And the more clearance space you can have for pullout drawers, the better. 

5. Make your shoes fit

Do you have enough legroom for a shoe rack? Find out! 

Usually, a pair of women’s shoes measure between 12 – 25 cm wide, with a men’s pair coming in between 15 – 27 cm wide. Remember that your walk-in closet will need enough linear space to house all your pairs, which means you can allow 17 – 30 cm of space per pair. 

6. Save a seat

Why not include a cosy little seating spot to try on your shoes? If you have little legroom, a simple chair will do it. Otherwise, we recommend a built-in bench with upholstered surfaces and, best of all, storage compartments. 

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7. Don’t forget about your accessories

WALK-IN CLOSET (BAG DISPLAY UNIT DESIGN ADD ON) Linken Designs Modern style bedroom Wood Wood effect
Linken Designs


Linken Designs

Your walk-in wardrobe will never be complete if your accessories (bags, jewellery, belts… ) are not organised properly. Fortunately, there’s always the option of putting up belt- , bag/purse-, and tie racks along your walls. 

And what about including a jewellery tray in one of your drawers, or that centre island we mentioned earlier? 

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