10 Super cool outdoor kitchens

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Although summer has already left us here in South Africa, we still have a few good, sunny days left which we want to make the most of and spend outside. On the other hand, many of us are certainly already making plans for the warmer months and the end-of-the-year holidays. Whatever the case, outdoor culture and activities are notably popular in our country, and we can all admit to enjoying long days in the sun and time spent with friends and family. 

One of the best ways to spend outdoor time is, of course, sharing meals. Although the classic braai will remain ever-popular and always have a soft spot in all our gardens, people are becoming more and more prone to moving the entire cooking process outside, including large culinary endeavours. Well, we definitely agree that hosting a dinner party in your garden or on the terrace can be significantly improved by including the cooking process—both socially and for the sheer enjoyment of the outdoor air whilst preparing your meal. 

If this is a trend that you think you can get on board with, then you are in the right place. Today we bring you a compilation of ten amazing outdoor kitchens that is sure to inspire you plenty. Let's begin!

1. Traditional

Here we have an outdoor kitchen area by Design Outdoors Limited, who specialise in garden and landscape products. This wonderful unit is made out of traditional bricks, which gives it an old country style which is well-suited to the outdoors. It even contains a wood-burning stove for perfect pizzas at home!

2. Sleek and streamlined

 Garden  by Wirth&Schmid AG
Wirth&Schmid AG

Outdoor Küche

Wirth&Schmid AG

Next up we have this black, streamlined unit which can easily be incorporated on a terrace. Contains a large grill, but also has an extractor fan, since the terrace is still a somewhat enclosed space. There is also plenty of space for storage, but this is all skilfully hidden in the sleek unit compartments. 

If this appeals to you, take a look at how you can: Create your own braai terrace!

3. Mobile cuisine

 Garden  by Löchte GmbH
Löchte GmbH

Outdoor Cooking

Löchte GmbH

This outdoor kitchen has it all—a stovetop, kitchen sink, grill area, and plenty of storage space. The best quality of this unit is, however, that it is entirely mobile! This means you can set up shop anywhere in your garden, not only showing off the best parts of your property, but displaying your own cooking skills to your guests. 

4. Bespoke and portable

  by OCQ - Outdoor Cooking Queen
OCQ—Outdoor Cooking Queen

bbqube Outdoor Kitchen Steel

OCQ - Outdoor Cooking Queen

Here is another portable unit which can be placed wherever you choose, but this one is a little more natural and individualised. It is a well-crafted bench that includes the necessary cooking instruments, and seems like it could have been made specifically for this particular space. 

5. Going all-out


Уличные шторы для беседки


Thus far we have seen outdoor kitchens which take up little more than a section against a wall, on the terrace, or in portable form. If you are very keen on the outdoor cuisine idea, though, you can certainly also invest in a fully equipped kitchen like this one, settled in a garden gazebo. 

6. Epitome of modernity

Here is another terrace kitchen idea. We can see that the terrace had been designed with the idea of including a kitchen, as the rest of the design works around it. The stainless steel used in both the kitchen area and the terrace canopy ensures for an ultramodern image that would surely complement any modern home. 

7. Utilising a wall

industrial Garden by NewLook Brasschaat Keukens
NewLook Brasschaat Keukens

WWOO Concrete Outdoor Kitchen

NewLook Brasschaat Keukens

In the first image we saw the kitchen space erected up against a wall, but here we can see how the wall itself can become the kitchen. With the simple addition of shelves on the vibracrete wall, you can have an outdoor kitchen in no time, at a fraction of the cost!

8. Rooftop convenience

 Patios by Dupuis Design
Dupuis Design

Walker outdoor project

Dupuis Design

So far we have looked at kitchens installed in home gardens, but what if you live in an apartment building or do not have much yard space? You'll be glad to hear that you can still enjoy cooking in the sun with a rooftop kitchen, like this one with all the trimmings. 

9. DIY

country Garden by NewLook Brasschaat Keukens
NewLook Brasschaat Keukens

WWOO Concrete Outdoor Kitchen

NewLook Brasschaat Keukens

Similar to number 7 on the list, this image gives us an idea of how we can create our own outdoor kitchen without great expense. Once again, simple shelves are added to the walls for the storage of kitchen equipment, and a braai is inserted into the wall. 

10. Compact and covered

minimalistic Kitchen by SteellArt



Our last outdoor kitchen emphasises the convenience of the venture. Investing in a unit such as this will allow you all the comforts of a modern kitchen that can simply be folded and covered, in order to ensure continuous hygiene and protection from the elements. 

Which of these outdoor kitchens is your favourite?
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