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Style your home (from home) with CS Design online!

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With the majority of businesses closed and people working from home (or not) due to the current health situation, many people have had to put their dreams of new house designs / renovations on hold. Fortunately, one professional interior designer, CS Design, started thinking outside the box and about the future. But first, a little bit more about said professional…

Sandton-based CS Design is a experienced interior design firm focused on providing deluxe solutions and eye-catching results that are both inspirational and functional for its various South African (and some overseas) clients. From residential- to commercial projects, the firm has successfully completed a rich collection of projects both locally and overseas (UK and New York), and has even walked away with an SA Decorex Excellence Award for its valued design services.  

The founder of CS Design, Carin Shardelow, kick-started her design career in 1985 in London with an interior design course. Following this was a stint in New York City to broaden her experiences and start networking, which is also where CS Design was started. 

Now back to CS Design’s plan, which is to allow potential clients to kick-start their planning and designs from the comfort of their own home to start setting the stage for an official design / renovation project as soon as the world returns to normal. Let’s explain in more detail how this works…

1. Pick up design errors

3 D design CS DESIGN

3 D design


We understand that most (if not all) of us are tired of being at home all day, but shift your focus ever so slightly. Instead of complaining about being cooped up indoors, how about using this time to really scrutinise your home (both inside and outside) and seeing where problem areas might be arising?

For instance, are those chairs in the dining room in need of being reupholstered? Can your guest bedroom do with a new coat of paint on those walls? Do you need to reconfigure the layout of your furniture and décor pieces in your open-plan living area? No design task is too small for CS Design, who’s ready and waiting to receive your notes in a professional chat online. 

Simply schedule a video chat with CS Design on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger (or whatever app / program you prefer) and start talking about your home’s problem areas.  

2. (Video) chat about them

Detailed Specified rooms CS DESIGN

Detailed Specified rooms


Allowing the professionals at CS Design to see your home’s problem areas (and layout) on video chat, this enables them to design a 3D rendering of your home, as well as a mood board (at affordable rates) with suggested ideas and tricks to help solve those design issues of yours. 

This 3D rendering allows you to do a virtual walkthrough of your home to better envision those recommendations that will be made by CS Design (like brand-new dining chairs, a fresh new accent wall in your guest bedroom, etc.). 

If it’s really small edits that your house requires (like switching out the scatter cushions on your sofas), how about implementing those yourself in the meantime? Wouldn’t that be a much better way of filling the time instead of worrying?  

3. Discuss detailed mood boards

Moodboard Livingroom CS DESIGN

Moodboard Livingroom


The images chosen for this article perfectly illustrate what a mood board can look like. Various fabrics for a new sofa or linen, the type of furniture chosen for the new look of your kitchen / dining room / any space imaginable, plus a rendered layout of your interiors to give you a much better idea of what that new proposed design could look like in your home!   

Should you be happy with the discussed mood boards and 3D renderings, CS Design can start the process of drawing up a quotation which, if accepted by you, can serve as the jumping-off point for that design project to commence as soon as businesses return to normal. 

4. A perfect example

Beach house 3D CS DESIGN

Beach house 3D


Want to see evidence of how CS Design’s proposition is possible? Look no further than this living room design in a beach house which was completed remotely (via WhatsApp) all the way from Johannesburg (which, as all us locals know, is nowhere near any beach). 

5. A perfect example 2

Beach house Living area CS DESIGN

Beach house Living area


After discussing fabric samples, furniture layout, colours and goodness-knows-what-else, this beach house’s new living room design was quoted on and implemented following the very detailed 3D renderings and mood boards discussed between professional and client. 

The end result was this! Not bad at all, right? 

Start checking out your home right now to pick up any problem areas or simply just designs which you feel could do with some new life. Then, get in touch with CS Design via a video call on 082-559-6292. 

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