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Embrace green living with these 6 eco-friendly tips

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House De Souza A4AC Architects Kitchen units Granite Multicolored
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The professional team in charge of today’s inspirational piece is A4AC Architects, located in Johannesburg. Although the firm might be only a few years old, its growing portfolio showcases quite the variety of projects.

A4AC Architects offers numerous services to clients, from architectural plans and interior designs to construction documentation and management services – with equal dedication to the residential spaces, commercial designs, and community projects. A4AC Architects has completed a number of design projects, both locally and throughout the African continent. Describing themselves as “a young -but experienced- group of Architects”, these professionals specialise in giving old shipping containers a second chance in life by transforming them into anything from residential houses to commercial- and community structures such as snack shops, restaurants, etc.  

Today, we take a look at some of A4AC Architects’ portfolio pieces while detailing various ways in which we can all make our homes more eco-friendly – something that all of us should be striving towards, just in case you missed the memo that it’s 2020 and we all need to be doing what we can to embrace greener lifestyles! 

1. Invest in Energy-Efficient appliances

Container kitchen A4AC Architects Modern kitchen Iron/Steel Red
A4AC Architects

Container kitchen

A4AC Architects

The next time you’re out considering new appliances for your home, look to those with the EnergyStar logo. Appliances featuring this certification logo have been tested, rated and certified to use the minimum amount of energy needed to complete a task – whether that’s through using renewable energy or the smallest amount of energy possible.

2. Never overlook a leak

New Kitchen Addition A4AC Architects Built-in kitchens Bricks White
A4AC Architects

New Kitchen Addition

A4AC Architects

Even the smallest leak can waste a ton of water. That’s why you need to pay attention to any dripping noises in and around your home. Check your water bill as well to see if there are any leaks you may have overlooked. 

Remember that it’s not just about wasting water. A water leak of any kind can lead to other issues within your home such as too much humidity in the air, the chances of widespread water damage, etc.

3. Try solar energy

New Main Bedroom A4AC Architects Modern style bedroom Wood Multicolored
A4AC Architects

New Main Bedroom

A4AC Architects

As time moves on we see more and more roofs dedicated to flaunting solar panels, which are an easy and excellent way to make a home greener. And you have the choice of either buying these panels or leasing them. In most instances, even the lease payment of solar panels works out cheaper than your average electricity bill.

4. Switch to LED lights

Lounge interior A4AC Architects Modern living room Bricks Multicolored
A4AC Architects

Lounge interior

A4AC Architects

Not only do light-emitting diodes (LEDs) cost less to use, they also have a longer lifespan than most of the traditional bulbs available on the market. Generally, LEDs last about 10-25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, which can make quite the difference on those monthly electricity bills.

And remember that LED lights produce less heat, which can help give your air conditioner a rest during the warmer months. 

5. Never buy paper towels again

New Dining Room & Kitchen A4AC Architects Kitchen units Granite Multicolored
A4AC Architects

New Dining Room & Kitchen

A4AC Architects

All those paper towels can lead to a huge waste! Rather buy some packs of reusable microfiber towels for cleaning purposes, and invest in cloth napkins for mealtimes. You also have the option of cutting up old t-shirts and using these as cloths—simply toss them in the washer along with those other textiles when you have a full load. 

6. Reduce your water usage

Besides reducing water for simple landscaping tasks outside, think about how you can decrease your overall water use inside your home as well. One very creative way is to upgrade to a low-flow faucet and shower heads in your home. In addition:

• Wash your clothes in cold water

• Air-dry your laundry

• Never leave a tap open while brushing your teeth

• Plant more native plants and vegetation in your garden, as these generally require much less water and fertilizers.

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Are you up for these “greener” ways of living?

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