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Simple and streamlined homes have gained increased popularity since the turn of the modern age, and seems that it will not lose momentum any time soon. One-roof house designs are one of the ways in which the ethic of minimalism is best portrayed, and we see a great number of such buildings making their way into popular residential plans.

Today on homify 360, we will take a look at another such a design. This one-roof house is, however set apart by its natural aesthetic brought about by the use of particular materials. The open, barn-like structure in the suburbs is divided only by a loft space, giving the home a touch of a city lifestyle.

Join us to take a closer look at this interesting modern home in France!

Wooden rhythm

So here it is – the magnificent one-roof house that is the subject of our investigation today. A simple structure that is well-designed and made of high-quality materials, will always be more stylish than trendy buildings with superfluous details. What’s more, the former will remain sophisticated throughout many eras, withstanding the pressures of changing times.

The architectural firm behind this project, Ogeba based in Marseilles, is committed to craftsmanship and high-quality designs to ensure enduring use and aesthetic enjoyment. As we can see here, the entire exterior of the house is covered in timber planks, creating a pleasing alternative rhythm across the walls. Other than this, there is no ornamentation or mentionable variances in the appearance.

Interior details

Welcome inside the loft home. Here we see a piece of the interior style, which is modern and trendy, yet still essentially minimalist. The walls are al white and neutral space, ensuring that the interior space feel larger and expanding.

The flooring in this area consists of monochromatic ceramic tiles in different shades of grey. These smaller-sized tiles create a pleasant pattern and dynamic space on the floor, which positively contrasts to the blank, white walls.

When it comes to decorative items, we can see that plants play a large role, which is fitting in relation to the wood-covered exterior of the house. Black and white photographs are propped up against the walls, and the simplicity of these graphic features suits the minimalist style very well.

Layered living

To the left of the previous image, behind the dividing wall, there lies hidden a staircase, which we see revealed here in this picture. The stairs lead up to the loft space, which houses the master bedroom, and which we will inspect later on.

Below the loft area, we can see the kitchen space. The entire lower level of the house is an open plan design, so the architects demarcated the kitchen by two strips of counter space. The counter against the wall includes all major appliances and features as well as many cabinets and cupboards. The second counter lying parallel to the former leaves more space for food preparation, as well as the stovetop. The placement of the stove here creates the perfect triangle with the kitchen sink, fridge and stove – the layout that has been found to be most effective in kitchen use.

Eclectic living room

Turning around at 180 degrees, we gain a view of the home’s living room. This large, open space is fresh and bright, thanks to the large glass doors opening up to the garden of the property. The wall surrounding the glass doors is also different from the rest of those in the home. This wall seems to be constructed of stone and simply white-washed. This creates a raw and country style look, adding a different feeling to the modern and minimal interior.

From this feature wall, it becomes clear that the living room is more eclectic than modern or minimalist. This style is continued by the use of mainly Scandinavian style furniture, and some industrial inspired decorative items, such as the large, stainless steel floor lamp. In conjunction, these various items are still simple, and the eclecticism brings a sense of character to the home.

Serenity for study

Up on the second (loft) level, just around the corner of the staircase, we find a sweet and small study area. It consists of a small desk and chair, both in characteristic Scandinavian style. The simplicity and beauty of this style is undeniable and works perfectly for a minimal study.

The desk is placed in front of windows overlooking the living room area, and therefore also has a view of the glass doors opening up on the garden. In this manner, the inhabitants will still be connected to and can be inspired by nature whilst working at the desk.

The colours used in this space are neutral and subdued. This continues the natural theme throughout the interior and exterior of the home. The whitewashed wooden ceiling beams also bring in a touch of folk elements to the room.

Cosy bedroom

Lastly, we take a look at the bedroom in the loft living space. Here, the space between the floor and ceiling has been greatly decreased, creating a cosy atmosphere. Looking at the bed, which is merely a mattress on the wooden deck, filled with throw pillows, the space is quickly transformed into a comfortable little nest. We can also see the side of the stone wall we could view in the living room, adding that country feeling to the bedroom, complemented by a cardboard rhinoceros head mounted on the wall above the bed. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up in this idyllic bedroom?!

What do you think about this home's interior style? Which room do you like most?

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