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5 questions to ask your architect before a home extension

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The professional team in charge of today’s piece is Rykon Construction, the resourceful home-building team located in Johannesburg. Founded back in 2001, Rykon Construction has evolved and expanded and is currently one of South Africa’s leading professionals in the building / construction industry.   

Three divisions operate at Rykon Construction, each consisting of its own devoted team flourishing in their unique area: Construction, Roofing, and Maintenance. Together, these teams are committed to first-rate results for clients’ unique projects which include building brand-new houses, implementing alterations to existing structures, plus renovations and extensions. 

And speaking of extensions, is such a project in your near future? Have you been fantasising about extending that kitchen, adding more legroom to that open-floor layout, or just treating your household to some more space (perhaps an extra bathroom) in general? 

Then you’re going to want to present these 5 very important questions to your architect…

1. Will you be in charge of a measured survey (and is it necessary)?

Any architectural design must be based on accurate floor plans. And while a lot of architects implement measured surveys to create new plans, it may be unnecessary if a floor plan already exists. In fact, you are unlikely to need a measured survey if you bought your house within the past few decades (those floor plans might even be available online). 

2. Is Planning Permission vital for my project?

If your plans abide by the relevant restrictions set out by government legislation, you won’t need to submit a planning application. Fortunately, your professional architect should be all clued up on planning permission and whether or not your particular project requires it. 

3. How long will this project take to finish?

Even though life is full of unexpected surprises, a good architect should be able to provide you with a clear timeline that sets out the length of your project, when what is expected to happen, etc. Just keep in mind that not all projects are completed exactly on time due to issues beyond anybody’s control, like adverse weather conditions or a national lockdown during a pandemic! 

4. Have I chosen the best part of the house to extend?

Chances are you’re the one that’s paying for this project, as well as the architect’s services, so don’t be afraid to ask questions about the design and placement of your extension. Architects are quite happy to share their expertise with clients and advise them on the best possible course of action. It just so happens that some extension areas might be more cost-effective or structurally sound than others, and you and your architect should be able to communicate about this clearly and effectively. 

5. When can we schedule our meetings?

It’s your home extension, which means you need to know what’s being planned, what’s happening and when it’s happening (as well as all the costs involved). But it can be tricky setting up regular meetings with an architect if you’re stuck in an office from 8 – 5 every day. Thus, it’s definitely worth asking your architect if they’d be willing to meet outside office hours to ensure your project proceeds in a smooth and timely manner. 

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Any other questions that you feel are important when doing a home extension?

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