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7 stylish ways to create the illusion of an entryway

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Modern designs have gifted us with a great many things to enhance our homes and lifestyles, including the very popular open-plan layout. In a lot of homes, said open-plan layout conveniently combines practical areas like kitchens and living rooms, yet it does sometimes present an issue or two – like creating an entryway. Many of our homes have front doors that rudely open up directly into the living area of an open layout. And while this does save on legroom, it doesn’t do much in terms of a stylish and properly designed foyer.

But not to worry – these tricks (regarded as tried and tested by numerous Interior Designers) can help you create an entry ambience when is there none to speak of!

1. Use furniture to separate spaces

Thanks to a world of different styles and designs out there, that teeny tiny bit of floor space you want to turn into an entryway can be zhooshed up with some welcoming furnishings like a slim table, colourful runner, and maybe even a corner side chair. 

If there’s room left, place a potted plant on either side (or both) of that entryway table to make the space feel even more purposeful and complete. 

2. Add wall hooks and baskets

Know what else immediately announces an entryway or foyer? Hung-up jackets and hats/scarves, and maybe even some car keys and a wallet / purse or two. Of course these items need to be stored neatly and out of the way, which is why we suggest installing some uniform hooks along the same wall as your front door for frequently used bags and coats, etc.

Complete the look with a narrow bench for some seating, plus a set of matching fabric baskets to help keep everything neat and stylish. 

3. Create an entry pad

Calculate the surface of the area taken up by the swing of your door and install some impervious flooring. This will help keep your living area clean and visually suggest a foyer zone. But remember to have that entryway material level with the rest of the room’s floor coverings! 

4. Set down a tall console

If you can’t spare lots of legroom for various furniture pieces, work with that vertical space by bringing in a tall console and setting it neatly against the wall space next to / near your door. The cabinet’s length will draw the eye upwards and its range of drawers and doors will definitely put a dent in your living area’s clutter count. 

5. Define the space with a bookcase

By using a simple bookcase, you can easily section off an area of your entryway directly in front of the door. Like that tall console it takes up very little space, adds style and function (like the potted plants, framed photographs, and selection of books you’ll be adding to that bookcase), and allows for a natural transition between your new foyer and the existing room. 

6. Choose pieces that match the wall colour

Instead of making your entryway zone stand out, how about letting everything blend in? Select a handful of furniture and –décor pieces for your entryway, but ensure they all match up closely with the wall’s colour.  

7. Work with your outside entry




No room whatever on the inside to set up a neat little foyer? Then it’s all systems go for that entryway design on the outside of your house. Make sure this space makes such a grand first impression on all visitors that nobody even realises there’s no interior foyer!

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Which of these ideas will you consider to craft out a little entryway?

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