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The modern renovation of an old Jhb house

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Renovation of an old Johannesburg home CS DESIGN Living room
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Ever since the firm was established back in 1991, CS Design has grown and expanded to become one of South Africa’s most experienced interior design companies. Located in Sandton, Johannesburg, CS Design has managed to craft quite the portfolio showcasing a rich collection of residential, hospitality, retail, and office projects across not only our own country, but also the UK and even New York. 

Although interior design is the main focus of CS Design, clients can also expect a host of other applicable services to enhance their unique projects. These include, yet are not limited to, 3D rendering of designs, mood boards and presentations, custom furniture designs, renovations, consultations, and workshops.  

The CS Design piece we’re taking a look at today focuses on the renovation of an old Johannesburg home that was in crucial need of a contemporary style up! 

Before: The old lounge

Tasked with giving an existing (and slightly outdated) home in Johannesburg a contemporary vibe, the experts at CS Design opted to add texture, colour, and modern accessory pieces without altering the architectural structure of the rooms (after all, that fresh view of the garden and swimming pool deserves to be part and parcel of this spacious lounge’s interior charm). 

Proposed design for the lounge

With a subtle monochromatic design in mind, the experts proposed contemporary furniture pieces, plush rugs, and a broody colour palette of subtle creams and darker blues.

Interestingly, the lounge and TV room were both swapped due to the fact that the lounge, which is the grandest room in this grand old house, presents a much larger space and went mostly unused. Thus, it is the better option to be a practical and functional TV room for the residents. 

After: The new lounge

The end result of the lounge? A much more charming and inviting ambience that’s ripe and ready for 21st century entertaining and hosting! 

Lovely new wallpaper was selected to style up the lounge’s accent wall, in addition to new scatter pieces (like the cushions, table lamps, etc.). 

Before: The old TV room

It goes without saying that your average TV room receives way more attention than a lounge. After all, it's the more preferred and casual space for families to relax in and spend time together. That’s why it came as no surprise that this interior space was also a bit outdated.

So, not to worry – those drab colour schemes and tired-looking accessories are about to receive a fresh new upgrade!

Proposed design for the TV room

Following in the footsteps of the proposed design for the new lounge, the TV room's intended look is also one of monochromatic excellence. New patterns and textures are also proposed to up the room's visual character. And let's not overlook the focus on slim-styled pieces (like contemporary side tables) to free up a bit of legroom while helping out with storage / display needs. 

After: The new TV room

In the end, the TV room manages to flaunt a brand-new vibe even though lots of the previous pieces are still in use. Sure, the lampshades are new additions, but the couches and some tables are still from the previous design – albeit some of them moved around and/or ‘done up’ to influence the TV room’s new look. 

Can you spot the main differences between the new TV room and the old one? What if we throw in a few more images that further detail this refreshing interior renovation? 

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What are your thoughts on the lounge and TV room’s new looks?

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