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5 ways in which you win when working with an architect

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The Williams Residence in Ruimsig Country Estate TOP CENTRE PROPERTIES GROUP (PTY) LTD Colonial style house
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Johannesburg-based Top Centre Properties has been at the forefront of property development and designs since being founded in 2014. Both large and small-scale projects make up this company’s growing portfolio, which detail a rich variety of both commercial and residential designs. And the fact that the professionals at Top Centre Properties make sure to keep up with relevant industry standards, plus place a firm emphasis on staff training, also ensure that they remain one of the most sought-after architectural companies in South Africa. 

Let’s look at 5 benefits that are guaranteed when you choose to work with a professional architectural firm such as Top Centre Properties.  

1. Space planning and efficiency

A properly trained Architect will be able to lay out your spaces in a way that’s efficient and practical, not just visually pleasing. Depending on the needs and wants of your project (whether it’s adding more space to a kitchen, building an extension, or renovating an entire house), it is the responsibility of the Architect and his team that the results suit the client’s needs. 

In addition, Architects can also create multi-functional spaces that allow a range of different activities to be enjoyed in the same area (i.e. watching TV, socialising, cooking… ), which means a much more efficient and compact floor plan for your home! 

2. Creativity and problem solving

Any Architect is a creative problem solver at heart. And with their in-depth training and skills, they are able to elevate your design from something that’s merely “okay” to “simply magnificent”. 

A great Architect will also see all potential problems and challenges right at the start of a project (especially ones that we regular folk might never even anticipate), saving you time and money along the way.

3. Lateral thinking

With the designing of any building, whether it’s a home or an office, various factors need to be kept in mind such as loss and gain of daylight, structural considerations, building regulations, etc. With a professional Architect on your team who is skilled at sketching design options to scale, you will not only be able to better understand and envision ideas, but will also have someone on board to better explain the implications relevant to your project. 

4. Help sourcing materials

The right finishes and materials can make or break a design. And since Architects possess a world of knowledge pertaining to building materials and finishes, that means you have an expert on your side who is much better at sifting through options for top-notch results. 

5. Better resources

Don’t forget that Architects regularly work with other experts in the industry such as Electricians, Building Contractors, Interior Designers, etc. Thus, your Architect will be able to make reliable recommendations on who the best professional is for your project’s plumbing, electrical wiring, etc. 

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