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9 BIG benefits of living in a small house

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It’s no surprise that the population and house prices are continuously rising. And even though lots of people (including professionals like Interior Designers / Decorators) keep coming up with ways to free up extra legroom, sometimes the best way is to simply downgrade your living quarters and make do with a smaller home.

We understand that “small living” will change depending on different people’s perspectives, but generally it refers to a living abode that offers only a crucial amount of legroom as opposed to heaps and heaps of available space. 

But cheer up, for it is not all doom and gloom! There are certainly a number of benefits attached to living in a smaller house – and here are 9 of them…

1. It saves you money

House Irene Estate, Pretoria Nuclei Lifestyle Design Modern houses
Nuclei Lifestyle Design

House Irene Estate, Pretoria

Nuclei Lifestyle Design

Depending on various factors (such as location), a smaller home usually costs less. And we don’t just mean spending less on your mortgage payment, but also lower heating / cooling bills, forking out less for repairs and maintenance, etc. 

This immediately frees up more money for your monthly budget!

2. It’s easier to clean

Exterior facade of a Shipping Container unit Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts Prefabricated Home
Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts

Exterior facade of a Shipping Container unit

Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts

A big house with spacious rooms encourages one to buy more “stuff” to fill it up with. That means having more furniture pieces and accessories (and wall- and floor space) to dust, mop, wipe down, etc. And how much fun is it to carry a vacuum cleaner up and down a flight of stairs?

You know what cancels out this issue? Downgrading to a smaller home!

3. It forces you to declutter

A small home filled to the brim with clutter just makes you look like a crazy hoarder. And since there’s only so much you can hide away in a drawer or behind a cupboard door, downgrading to smaller living quarters effectively forces you to get rid of unnecessary elements you’re still holding on to.

Trust us: you DON’T need four different kinds of cheese knives, or an entire collection of shampoo bottles, or two dozen scatter cushions for that one sofa…  

4. It can enhance family relationships

In a small house, you are literally closer to your relatives. That means more opportunities to spend time together whether it’s helping to set the table for dinner, watching TV, or just getting lost in conversation! 

5. You can be adventurous with renovations

50m2 Sugar Gum Cladded home with decking - work in progress. Greenpods Scandinavian style houses Wood Wood effect

50m2 Sugar Gum Cladded home with decking—work in progress.


Don’t think about over-capitalising here. But with a smaller space, you can generally afford to spend a bit more doing it up (such as having more in your budget to completely transform that kitchen as opposed to having only enough for new countertops, for example). 

6. It encourages you to live a simpler life

With less space, you will get into the habit of choosing more wisely what deserves a spot in it. Think about all the elements you need to use on a daily basis (i.e. coffee machine, shower, bed, television… ). Those are the things you need to clear room for, and not much more! 

7. You save on council rates and insurance

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Red Square Architectural Studio

Residential Design Blue Saddle Ranches

Red Square Architectural Studio

With a smaller home and land size, you pay less in council rates (or land taxes) that are calculated according to your property’s size. 

8. It frees up more time

Less time for cleaning and more money to put away each month? Sounds like your free time will also get a firm boost when living in a smaller house.

What will you be doing with your new-found free time? Learn a new language? Join the gym? 

9. It’s much more fun to customise

A small home can help you organise your life a whole lot better because you can clearly see what space you have available. This means you can let your artistic side loose and even opt for more unique ways of spicing it up, such as a themed design or crazy colours / patterns for the interior designs. 

Just don’t resort to an overly busy space, as less legroom means it can easily look too “loud” and cluttered. 

We feel that, when customising your small home, you might reach a point where you ask yourself What role does texture play in Interior Design? 

Any other benefits you can think of that only comes from living in a smaller home?
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