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Top 5 of the Week: More Beautiful Homes and Projects!

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Here were are again rounding up your favourite houses and stories from homify this week! As usual there are a few beautiful homes, a transformation and some cool tips for your kitchen. It's all about making your home as beautiful as possible and keeping it in great condition. No matter what you've spent your week doing, or what you're planning to do today, it's always worth taking a few moments off to have a look over the projects you loved most thing week and to enjoy the wonderful escapism that comes with that. Who doesn't want to imagine themselves in a beautiful mansion? Or simply make some plans for how to improve your own abode. 

Whatever you want to do, homify has the answers! But for now, let's take a walk back through the past week. Enjoy, and get ready to enjoy another wonderful week of homify homes, projects and ideas!

​The Prefab House That’s So Clever

Prefabricated homes get a bit of a bad wrap, people tend to think they lack creativity and originality, or even a little bit of soul, but really they can be just as beautiful and functional as a home that you design yourself. Here on homify, we're love prefab homes, we think they're awesome, and affordable, which is always a plus. For those who don't know what we're talking about, prefabricated homes (sometimes called prefab or prefabs) are special homes with are manufactures off-site in standard sections, shipped and assembled. 

With the ever-increasing emphasis on environmental-friendly design, the prefab market has been enjoying a great evolution, and that can be gorgeous—like this home! German professionals Puschmann Architektur is our specialist team of choice for today as all the prefab units designed by them are modified to meet the requirements of the client, meaning you can add a nice touch of personality to their creations. Construction takes around five months, and although the planning stages may be a little long, this is more than compensated for by the short installation period (about two days for basic construction and up to two weeks for weather-proofing the home). It's no surprise that this was your most popular home of the week, because it really is something special.

As Cool As A Cucumber

The home that came in second place this week on homify is this adorable little abode from Portugese architects Maqet, and like you, we think this house is pretty close to perfect. The design style is characterised by clean, simple and sleek lines couples with earthy tones that evoke a real sense of beauty in what would otherwise be a quite clinical structure. After taking a look at this charming family home, you can explore more of their projects, and you'll find that all of their designs exhibit this incredible and unique style that finds the perfect line between intuitive architecture and classic family comfort. Due to the fact that we find these architects so spot on and clever, in this story we also take a look at some tips and advice that they provided, so that you can figure out the best way to transform your home into a pristine and cosy spot that could make even the grumpiest teenager long for a night at home with the family. Take another look to see what we're talking about!

Dark colours in small rooms? Give it a try!

There's something so alluring and classic about rooms featuring dark colours. Whether it's the walls, the ceiling or beautiful statement pieces, it creates a real sense of luxury and comfort. The downside of dark tones of course, is that they can cramp a space. The hard and fast rule has always been to keep walls white and tones light to make a space seem bigger. However, that doesn't mean it always has to be done that way. Rules are made to be broken, and there are plenty of ways around this one, which we explored in this article. This ideabook provides ideas and tips on the best ways to incorporate dark shades and colours into living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms or any part of the house that you see fit—we've got it covered. 

Glamour in the Shape of a House

Floreat Residence Moda Interiors Modern houses
Moda Interiors

Floreat Residence

Moda Interiors

We can look at every type of creative and conceptual piece of architecture our there, and while they hold their own sense of beauty and cutting edge style, at the end of the day there is something so loveable about classic, beautiful and simplistically modern structures like this house. From Perth-based interior designers and decorators Moda Interiors, this Australian home really is a treat of a building. It's classy, stylish, sophisticated and utterly luxurious, as most of their projects are. Further to this, the house also has a wonderful level of functionality, which can sometimes be lost amid luxury and bells and whistles. Revisit it's beautiful rooms and let us know which one is your favourite! Personally, we love the beautiful, tranquil bathroom, but it's a tough choice when every room is perfect in its own way. That's another magical aspect of this home—every room works beautifully together, but they simultaneously maintain a sense of individuality. 

Five Fantastic Kitchen Transformations!

No matter how many times we see them, we want to see more. Kitchen transformations—is there any home renovation that is more intriguing or addictive to look at? It's a space we spend a lot of our time in, whether cooking, socialising or eating, the kitchen is a centrepiece of just about any home, and that's probably why you lap up our kitchen stories week after week. This story hits the nail on the head, because we get to look at five transformations all in one go. 

Before you begin to renovate a kitchen, one of the most important elements to keep in mind is how much space you have available. It can be really tempting to reach beyond your means when looking at picture after picture of beautiful, huge, open plan kitchens—but in reality we often have much smaller enclaves to work with. It's a busy space, and it needs to be functional. Luckily, functionality can be achieved in all shapes and sizes, as you'll see through these transformations. If your current kitchen has a strange shape, or is just dated, there are plenty of ways to freshen it up. Take a look at these transformations again, and let us know which one you think is best.

What do you think of the top stories this week? Is your favourite missing? Let us know!

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