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6 Steps to Designing the Perfect Kitchen!

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Imativa Arquitectos Modern kitchen
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The kitchen is for the most part everyone's favourite place in the home, whether it be for cooking up a storm daily for your family and friends or just making a good old bowl of popcorn, the kitchen is where the magic happens.

Now if you recently moved into a new home, you may feel the need to add your own touch to the kitchen so it can suit your personality. Alternatively your old home may be in need of a revamp and the kitchen is the place to start.

Your perfect kitchen is a personal choice, whether it be style, colour or the types of materials used. However, proper planning is the first step to a great kitchen, and the homify team has compiled this list of tips to help you with your renovation.

1. The budget

Before you begin with any renovation, it is important to analyse your budget. How much can you afford to spend and how much will the renovation cost? You can still have a great kitchen with a smaller budget, it would just mean that you may need to opt for more inexpensive features and materials. 

Your budget should allocate for everything, from new appliances, to decor, accessories, furniture and even the cost of materials to build new cabinets and countertops, don't forget to include the cost of labour if you are going to hire someone to do the renovation for you.

2. The plan

Next up, plan your renovation. Where would you like to place your new kitchen items? Are you going to add a tall grocery cupboard or maybe some storage beneath the counter? It may be worthwhile to sketch out where you would like to position your kitchen appliances. 

If your space is limited, you should consider a U-shaped kitchen, but if you have a spacious kitchen, then possibly arrange your kitchen in a C or L-shape… make use of the space that you have optimally. What do you think about this fantastic designer kitchen by Imativa Arquitectos?

3. The colour

The colour you decide to use in your kitchen is a reflection of your personal style. So if you opt for a design that is modern and minimalist and you would like to include a neutral colour scheme, then that is perfect for you. Or maybe even an updated monochrome for a chic and sleek space? 

However, a kitchen does not need to be neutral to be trendy anymore, if you have a favourite colour or motto or even a funky pattern that you want to incorporate into your kitchen… now is the time! How about these Colour Schemes for a Cool and Creative Kitchen?

4. Maximise space

​Hardvendel Design Hardvendel Design Modern kitchen
Hardvendel Design

​Hardvendel Design

Hardvendel Design

Keeping a busy home tidy is not easy, it requires time and effort as well as constant maintenance for it to stay in ship shape, however by maximising space through clever storage installations half the battle is won. Everything will have its place to be, whether it be a full pantry or a large grocery cupboard

If each kitchen item has its place to be stored, then it will be easier to find and return to its storage spot when you are done using it. So think about the best way to create great storage in your kitchen drawers. It may mean adding dividers for your cutlery or unique storage for your herbs and spices.

5. Countertops

Another important choice that needs to be made in the modern kitchen is the type of material to use for the countertop. Each material has its own worthwhile quality, but the style of the kitchen largely impacts on the material used for the countertop. 

There are some elegant designs that are great for a minimalist kitchen, while some charming ideas have rustic elements that are perfect for a country style kitchen. However, always consider the durability and maintenance of the material as well as its resistant to heat and humidity before making a decision.

6. Final touches

To complete that elegant kitchen decor experience, it is necessary to add some accessories and crockery that matches your overall theme. It's another personal touch to the home kitchen space, but it's true what they say, the devil is in the details.

Have fun planning your new kitchen from start to finish! Just remember that whether your kitchen is small or spacious, modern or rustic, luxurious or colourful, the homify team has something to inspire you. So go on… add those finishing touches and make your kitchen amazing.

How have you designed your perfect kitchen? What do you think of these ideas?

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