10 Amazing rooftop ideas for your new property

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A rooftop of a house and any building for that matter plays a very important role. Not only does it have to be functional and serve its purpose of helping to secure the building structure, it also protects the interior from the weather elements.

This being said, not all rooftops are the same and there are many designs that contribute to this. The professionals at homify can help you with your building project.

In this fresh ideabook we want to show you 10 of the most amazing rooftops. Who knows, maybe you could adapt one or more of these for your own properties.  

1. Gabble rooftop

Gable rooftops are considered the classic roof design. It features a pointed top and is thus triangular in shape.

Advantages: These allow for easy water runoff during heavy rains. The roof can also be used for extra space in the house like an attic for example.

Disadvantages: Gables are not as sturdy as flat roof and during strong winds, they risk collapsing. But this takes at least the strength of a hurricane.   

2. Butterfly rooftop

This is another great one for modern-contemporary homes. They form a “V” shape also where the name comes from.

Advantages: Provides space for natural light if large windows are installed in the roof.

Disadvantages: The design isn’t simple and this adds to a steep cost to build.   

3. Jenkinhead rooftop

These are unique rooftops that combine both gable and hip roof designs in one.

Advantages: These roofs are stable and robust and give a bit more space in the home for an attic.

Disadvantages: The unique design and materials make this roof expensive to build.   

4. Pyramid rooftop

Pyramid rooftops are a good choice for large-scale houses.

Advantages: They can withstand very strong winds.

Disadvantages: These are more expensive due to the design complexity.   

5. Flat rooftops

These roofs are flat all round with no slanted sides at all.

Advantages: Flat roofs can provide additional outdoor spaces such as an entertainment deck.

Disadvantages: Due to its flat design, it is prone to water leaks.   

6. Bonnet rooftop

This is as its name suggests and gives the appearance of a bonnet hat.

Advantages: These provide additional attic space and are rustic in appearance.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to construct and thus expensive to build.   

7. Combination rooftop

Combination rooftops use various designs borrowed from other roofs.

Advantages: It is sturdy in build and can adapt easily to the design of the building.

Disadvantages: It requires more materials and labour and thus expensive to build.  

8. Sawtooth rooftop

The Sawtooth roof is designed with ridges and pitches that move along in the same direction. It appears to look like teeth hence the name.

Advantages: Ideal to insert large windows for natural light.

Disadvantages: It is expensive to build and the materials cost more  

9. Hip rooftop

Constantia Development, Modo Modo Modern houses

Hip roof designs share a bit of common ground with gable roofs as they also slope down the sides. But Hip rooftops however, slant equally on each side and meet at the top.

Advantages:  Hip rooftops are very robust.

Disadvantages: They are expensive to build and can sometimes lead to water leaks.   

10. Curved rooftops

House de Jongh, Modo Modo Industrial style houses

Curved roofs are another great one for a modern house. It provides a unique visual sense.

Advantages: These are versatile roof designs that can cover a small or large area of the building.

Disadvantages: Sometimes the materials used in the construction can make it expensive.   

Get more modern architecture inspiration right here.

Which of these rooftops do you fancy for your new property?

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