Against the tide: Reasons why you should get a one-wall kitchen

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We’ve all heard that the kitchen working triangle is the way to go when planning your kitchen, but with space constraints, this layout may not always be a viable option. In this case, we will see that a one-wall kitchen might be your best alternative, and for many reasons, even a great first option.

More and more people are leaning towards this kitchen design, especially in urban houses and apartments. It is also a much better option in open-plan homes, since you do not have to sequester the kitchen from the rest of the living space.

Of course, as with any other design option, there are some aspects to consider, so we put together a guide for you regarding practical considerations and best options. Take a look!

Creating more space

A one-wall kitchen is exactly what it sounds like: All of your kitchen appliances, counters, and storage space lined up against one wall of the kitchen area space. The first, obvious benefit of such a kitchen layout in a small apartment or home is that it frees up a lot of space for a dining room, which might not have been possible in a traditional kitchen layout. With all of your kitchen functions limited to one wall, you can add a dining table and chairs for everyday use.

Some designs will go as far as to hide the one-wall kitchen behind sliding doors. This not only opens up a large space for dining or socialising, but also allows you to completely transform the room into something else, if necessary. This solution will also minimise visual clutter in a small space.

More generously sized than most

You might find yourself thinking that a one-wall kitchen layout must be highly confined and inconvenient. On the contrary, aligning all of your appliances and work spaces on one long counter is a very efficient use of space. Depending on the length of wall available to you, it can be as large or as compact as you choose.

One-wall kitchen can also be much more spatially generous than you imagine. With the addition of stacking cabinetry above the worktop area, you can have more than enough space for storing all of your kitchen equipment and ingredients. Innovative storage solutions like a pull-out pantry will also allow you to optimise the space you already have available to you.

Openness and socialisation

Now, we already know that the one-wall layout will allow you to add a dining table and chairs, effectively creating a dining room where there might not necessarily have been the space for it otherwise. So, this has a direct positive effect on socialisation opportunities in your home.

The layout does, however, have benefits in terms of socialisation in the kitchen as well. If you have a rather long stretch of kitchen, multiple people can cook and prepare food together and communicated easily, as no-one has to stand with their backs to each other. The person/s cooking can also communicate easily with those sitting at the dining table, since there are no obstructions between them. Just think about it, next time you have a dinner party, you won’t even have to leave the room to bring out the next course, and you won’t miss a moment of whatever interesting conversation is taking place at the table!

Easily arranged

Kitchen planners have to consider who kitchens will be used before planning its layout. There are three main points of use in any kitchen, namely the stove, sink and refrigerator.

As previously mentioned, although the kitchen work triangle has been widely proven to be the most effective way to arrange your kitchen, it is not always a viable option. This layout refers to the refrigerator, sink and stove being placed in such a manner that an imagined triangle forms between them, meaning that you can move with equal ease from anyone of these main points to either of the other two.

This type of ergonomic design can be translated to one-wall kitchen as well, with a little forethought. Thinking of meal preparation and cooking logically, people usually go from the fridge to take out the food, move to the sink to wash it, and then to the stove to cook it. So, if you line up your one-wall kitchen in this order, you should be able to get just as much efficacy out of it. This placement of the sink in the middle also allows for convenient clean-up from either of the either two points.

Just make sure to leave counter space on both sides of the stovetop, as this is an important safety precaution.

Incorporate an island if necessary

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Perfection is the limit


If you have a truly small apartment or kitchen space, it will still be a challenge to fit enough counter space into your one-wall kitchen design, especially if you frequently have more than one person working there simultaneously. Naturally, you can save space to use as work space by using smaller versions of a stove (like a two-top) and refrigerator. If this still doesn’t cut it, however, you can always create more work area space by adding a kitchen island.

In fact, nowadays, a one-wall kitchen with the addition of an island across from it has become a popular layout, even in kitchens where space is not an issue, and especially in open-plan designs. The addition of an island allows for a sense of the efficiency of a traditional-style galley kitchen layout, without closing off or constraining the space.

The trendy option

One wall kitchens lend themselves beautifully to a minimalist approach to interiors. This, of course, is very trendy in contemporary design, and will place you firmly within the latest fashion. They are also perfect for loft apartments, which remain coveted and fashionable urban dwellings.

It is also fairly simple to make your one-wall kitchen even more trendy and appealing. The use of different and contrasting materials will allow for a mix of interesting textures and colours that pop. These types of eclectic designs are very popular and are sure to last longer than any one style, since it gives you a buffet of tastes.

If you enjoyed this ideabook, and are looking for more ways to make the best of the available space in your kitchen, look at these: Easy ways to boost a small kitchen.

Are you sold on the one-wall kitchen yet? What type of kitchen do you have? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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