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Trend and time are both fleeting, yet if you have the means to indulge a little and treat your interiors to some “hot” looks, then why not? That is the attitude we want to adopt today, particularly as we’ll be taking a look at some prime project pieces by Dessiner Interior Architectural that perfectly capture 6 interior design trends that have become huge lately.

But before we get to those, a little bit more about the professionals in charge!  

Dessiner Interior Architectural is a seasoned interior design firm in Pretoria driven by a passion for design, top-notch results, and satisfying its ever-growing list of clients. Offering a variety of services (such as interior design and decorating, space planning, and even furniture selection), the company has grown into one of the most trusted and experienced interior design giants in South Africa.

Let’s get inspired by some of their works. 

1. Wood finishes

Turns out Mother Nature is quite the interior decorator, for she continues to wow us with some of her touches. And wood is just one of the natural connections that people have fallen in love with. 

Throughout 2019, the natural beauty of wood was welcomed into countless spaces (both inside and out) to help style up lighter, airier spaces. Expect to see more of this natural material in 2020 (maybe even beyond), especially in kitchens that require a warmer, more welcoming vibe. 

2. Softer white paint colours

Like all the other colours, white is available in a multitude of different hues. But lately, homeowners and professional designers have opted to use more of the very pure whites with no grey tints, resulting in a more luminous ambience for rooms sporting this colour on the walls. 

Get ready to see softer, warmer whites (like Porcelain) next year that move rooms away from that cold look.   

3. Faux porcelain tiles

Houghton Residence: The open-plan living- and dining area Dessiner Interior Architectural Modern living room
Dessiner Interior Architectural

Houghton Residence: The open-plan living- and dining area

Dessiner Interior Architectural

It turns out natural materials like Italian white marble and concrete are becoming less popular. And thanks to improved technology and advancement in printing and material quality, new porcelain tiles, that perfectly mimic the real thing, have seen the light of day.

Best of all? They’re less expensive and much easier to install. 

4. Coloured kitchen cabinetry

Soft / warm white might be trendier for walls, but not for kitchen cabinetry. This year already, kitchen cabinets moved away from white- and off-white tones for tints that make more of a statement. Think deep and moody colours like black, grey-washed blues and greens. And then pair these with fixtures and hardware in brass and other contrasting metals. 

5. Open shelving

The hotel- and retail industries have been inspiring the look of residential kitchens lately by replacing the upper cabinets with metal, wood, or glass shelving. This ensures a bold statement and moves away from the more minimalist style that was hugely popular in the past. 

6. Exposed plumbing for showers

It might be a little unexpected, but shower knobs and showerheads with exposed piping are becoming bigger and bigger for modern bathrooms. The end result is somewhere between modern and industrial, yet shows off a super elegant look that draws new attention to the bathroom. Expect to see much more of this in 2020!

Bigger isn’t always better – that’s clear by these 10 stylish kitchens that prove small is the new big.

Are your surprised by any of these interior design trends?

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