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The serene style of Metaphor Design

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Our source of design inspiration for today comes from Metaphor Design. Located in Johannesburg, Metaphor Design is an interior design firm that brings a wealth of experience, talent, and creativity to every project. Since the company was established back in 2012 (by Lane Reeves), it has gone on to wow an ever-growing list of clients who sought out top-notch results for their homes via bespoke furnishings, layouts, hard finishes, décor and accessories. 

Today, we take a look back at some of Metaphor Design’s completed projects that induce a sense of tranquillity and calmness – quite the achievement in today’s fast-paced world.

Let’s get serene while also being inspired by some modern style! 

Project 1: The Tshemba Lodge in Hoedspruit

Who says the rustic style can't be clean and calm? Styled up in warm neutral tones, these interiors become the ideal space for resting and rejuvenating thanks to layered textiles and a delicate dose of patterns and textures presenting welcoming seating- and lounging areas. 

Even the dining area seems most inviting with those exceptional chairs. And don't overlook the generous batch of natural light streaming indoors, causing the furnishings and decorations to glisten with style.

Project 2: The Westcliff House in Johannesburg

The result of a renovation project, this residential space was given a modern makeover to complement the client’s living style and aesthetics. All finishes and fixtures were stripped and updated to bring in more light, space, and a friendly ambience that immediately makes one feel welcome and cosy. 

Notice how the subtle natural colours (like ocean blues and chartreuse greens) become even more prominent when mixed with the overall neutral colour palette that coats up the interiors from floor to ceiling.

As for the bathroom, one can't get much closer to a spa-like design than these wooden floorboards, potted plants, and generous link with the fresh outdoors. 

Project 3: The modern Parkhurst home in Johannesburg

Taking on a much more modern-day look is the third project on our list, where the interiors are dominated by rigid lines, open spaces, and a very straightforward approach to furnishings and accessories. This modern home was re-furbished by the previous owners, yet packs a true style punch with its updated interior style that balances delicately between elegance and tranquility. 

Notice how potted plants are strewn everywhere to up the interiors' freshness factor. And the guest bedroom creatively reminds us that deep, bold colours (such as that thunderstorm blue) can also help evoke a sense of gracefulness and composure – it’s not only the tried-and-tested neutrals like white and beige that have to be used! 

Project 4: The Hyde Park apartment in Johannesburg

Flat-bound city yuppies are all about convenience. As much as possible needs to be achieved with what little legroom they have available. And that is exactly what makes this modern apartment stand out from the crowd, since its style is much more akin to a spacious country cottage located on the outskirts of the bustling city as opposed to directly in it. 

Notice how the zen-like garden is mimicked indoors by potted plants and wall art resembling botanical. Even the materials (like wood) help to conjure up a natural vibe and, thus, evoke a sense of calmness.

Entrance & Garden Metaphor Design Small houses Solid Wood White
Metaphor Design

Entrance & Garden

Metaphor Design

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Which of these four projects inspire you the most?

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