15 Small houses facade ideas that will work on a small budget

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A facade is all about the looks and longevity in style design and architecture. You don’t need a big property for the ideal facade. Small houses can have some beautiful facades too. There are easy and inexpensive solutions to help you create the perfect look for your home's entrance. At homify we are here to inspire you.

Using natural materials like wood, bamboo and stone are some of the excellent choices to help on your Eco-friendly journey.

Here are our select ideas to facades perfect for small houses  

1. Use face brick sectional walls

House Zwavelpoort AH Metako Projex Country style house
Metako Projex

House Zwavelpoort AH

Metako Projex

Face bricks or “exposed brick” is an inexpensive option and a solid investment if you’re looking to invest in low maintenance among others. Not only can you use it on your exterior walls as seen here, but also, as part of an “industrial” type feature interior wall.   

2. Mixing the materials with glass, cement and wood

The front facade of the modern beach house Beverley Hui Architects Modern houses Bricks Grey
Beverley Hui Architects

The front facade of the modern beach house

Beverley Hui Architects

This is the perfect example of mixed materials for your house facade. You can make your selection of materials an inexpensive one. If your doors are made from wood, the glass windows and concrete finish simply adds to the elements.   

3. A cosy cabin-like feel

It doesn’t matter if your house is small, with the right blend of materials and lighting, you can make it great.

This small-scale home featuring neutral colours and “taps” into sustainable materials as seen here. The lighting gives it an appealing look at night time, while its other features take centre stage during the day. Either way, this place is gorgeous.  

4. Take the modern approach

Modern architecture is all about creating straight lines and simplicity. It gives a property a sense of being “in the now.” With a good architecture design, you can have a stunning facade no matter the size of your home.   

5. Give it depth

Your facade can be several dimensions to give it more depth and character. This house has flow and depth all in one amazing design.   

6. Affordable container homes with facades

Off the grid house South Africa A4AC Architects Modern houses Metal Red
A4AC Architects

Off the grid house South Africa

A4AC Architects

Container homes are sustainable and very affordable. You can use this to your advantage. With a small budget, why not add an extension using a container to expand and bring about creativity to your house.   

7. Add geometric layers

You don’t have to go with a plain design when developing a facade. Adding geometric layers gives your facade volume and brings character to your house.  

8. A transparent outlook

Having driveway gates and fencing that gives a little something to look at is a nice take on the traditional “wall-fortress.” This home shows how beautiful it looks and still has the fencing and gates for added security.  

9. Verandas and balconies add volume

If you have a veranda and a balcony added to your facade, your house will feel like it has more to offer. Suddenly your small house appears bigger and welcoming.   

10. Add a wooden deck and a canopy for shelter

It doesn’t matter if you live off the grid in your container home, it can still be beautiful. Professional architects can help you build the ideal container house. Adding a wooden deck and “canopy” for shade is perfect as a budget-friendly facade. 

11. A stunning garden to invite your guests

Your garden can form part of your facade because it is welcoming and adds so much life to what could have been otherwise dry and dull.  

12. Something from the future

Your house facade does not have to conform to today’s design trends. Yours can be different and ultra-modern as well as self-sustaining. Some would even think of this as a futuristic design.   

13. Call for a grand entrance

Who says small homes cannot look bold and glamorous compared to their bigger cousins? Add a stairway entrance and for extra effect make it red. This gives the feeling of a luxury red carpet event.  

14. No windows needed in the facade

Windows isn’t an essential part of designing a unique facade. In fact, without windows in the front, this home looks even more interesting facing the front entrance.  

15. Traditional and grand

Simplicity is the key when creating something beautiful and impactful. This facade is grand like an old-world charming heritage as well as traditional for that unforgettable look. Need a house extension? Check this out!

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