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There is nothing quite a look a sparkling clean home—from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom. The question is, are you cleaning your household items right?

The answer is: probably not.

But not to fear, today at homify we are going to share with you how you can clean your household items in a way that they have never been cleaned before—the right way!

The dreaded toilet

The bathroom is the one space in the house that needs to be truly hygienic, crystal clean and sparkling. You don't want any germs in this room!

The problem when it comes to cleaning the toilet is that many people end up spreading around the germs, bacteria or even viruses rather than eliminating them. Clean your toilet right and you'll have the most sanitized bathroom on the block! The first thing you need to know about cleaning a toilet the right way, is to move anything that sits around the toilet away from it. You don't want toilet water to splash onto your magazine rack, dustbin or bathroom mat. Once this area is devoid of any unnecessary objects—including on top of the toilet tank lid—you can get to work.  First flush the toilet after applying a cleaning solution to the rim of the toilet bowl. Then get to work cleaning the outside of the toilet, wiping down the tank, handle and outside of the toilet bowl with a sanitizing cleaner. Don't forget to clean the toilet seat as well! Next you can use a brush to clean the inside of the toilet bowl. Tip: Clean from the top down as you want the germs to eventually be flushed away. Once you've scrubbed, you can flush once more.  Stay away from sponges when it comes to cleaning your bathroom as sponges hold a lot of bacteria. Rather opt for a dry cloth or paper towel that can be thrown away or washed with hot water afterwards.


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set of 3 chef knives

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Your kitchen knives have probably undergone some real wear and tear in their time, helping you to prepare incredible family dinners, feasts for friends and delicious lunches for the kids. But are you cleaning them correctly?

The dishwasher is certainly not the best option for cleaning your knives so if you are used to stacking them in and letting the dishwasher do the rest, it's time to re-think!

In fact, the best way to clean a good kitchen knife is to use soap and warm water, giving it a good clean by hand. Try to wash your knives straight after use so that food or sauce doesn't dry onto the blade. All that you need to do is use a wash cloth and carefully wipe the blade clean. If you don't have time to wash the knives straight away, soak them in warm soapy water first. 

Looking to invest in some good kitchen knives? Have a look through our homify kitchen products for inspiration.

Bed linen

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Pearls silk bed linen


Your bed is the coziest spot in the house, which is why your linen should always be crisp and clean!

So what is the correct way to wash your bed linen?

1. Well first things first, remove all of the sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers and comforters from the bed. 

2. Place these items into the washing machine, but ensure that you don't add anything else to this wash. This should be a linen only wash!

3. Place washing powder and a good helping of fabric softener into the washing machine. You want your linen to smell delicious and feel soft and comfortable.

4. Ensure that your washing machine is on the right cycle. 

5. Hang them out to dry.

6. Iron them so that they are crisp and warm.

7. Re-make the bed.

8. Cuddle in your freshly made up bed.

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If eyes are the windows to the soul, then windows are the eyes into the house—and you want those eyes to be clean and clear. Grubby windows can dampen the whole look and feel of a house, making the rest of the space look grubby too. Make sure that you know how to clean your windows like a pro!

There are many debates on how often you should wash your windows, but the absolute minimum is twice a year. If you can manage to do it once a month, however, that's even better!

Investing in a squeegee is the best way to clean windows. Most people use cloths and cleaner to rub at windows, which often ends up circulating the dirt and dust rather than cleaning the window. Some soapy warm water and a squeegee will help remove any dirt or grime and will allow you to reach those odd corners. Use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess water or soap.

It won't even look like the window panes are there, they will be so clean!

Wooden floors

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Living room with seaweed green feature wall and wooden floors

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Your wooden floors are probably your pride and joy, enhancing the whole look and feel of your beautiful home. When it comes to cleaning them, you don't want to damage them so let's find out the best way to clean them!

Firstly, you need to sweep your wooden floor with a broom, getting rid of all excess dust and dirt that may be sitting on the surface. You can also use a vacuum, especially if you have dogs who shed their hair all over the place! Sweeping or vacuuming should be done on a regular basis—around once a week minimum. 

Deep cleaning doesn't need to occur as often, as you want to preserve and look after the wood. If something spills on the floor, immediately wipe it up and clean the area where it spilled. You don't want the mess seeping into the wood.

When it is time for a deep clean, use a gentle or natural cleaning agent. Pair with some warm water and gently mop the floors after you've given them a good sweep. Allow them to dry or use a dry cloth to wipe dry. 

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Washing machine

Your washing machine works tirelessly to clean all of our clothes, linen and other materials. But what happens when the washing machine needs some tender love and care? Most people forget that a washing machine also needs a good clean every now and then, but it's really important for the maintenance of the machine. You also don't want to end up with smelly mold that's been left behind by the clothes. 

Use bleach that has been diluted in lots of water (ten times the amount of water to the bleach) and scrub the rubber seals around the door of your washing machine. A lot of gunk can end up caught in these seals so you want to wash them out properly, disinfecting them. 

Second, clean out the drum of the washing machine. Use a cup of bleach in the detergent compartment and put your washing machine on a long, warm spin. This should leave your washing machine smelling clean!

Going forward, remember to leave your washing machine door open after a cycle. This will keep it dry and clean, so that none of the damp gets into the seal and leaves it moldy. 


Taps can be a bit of a cesspool for germs because how often does it actually get cleaned?

The best way to clean a tap is to mix warm water with dish washing liquid and baking soda and then get to work scrubbing, using a toothbrush. Yes, a toothbrush.

A toothbrush will help get into all of the nooks and crannies, lifting up any little particles of dirt that might be hiding under the handles and in the faucet stem. Once you've done a proper scrub with the toothbrush, rinse with some cold water.

Make sure that no one confuses the cleaning toothbrush with the toothbrush they use to brush their teeth!

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