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A veranda may just be the perfect way of enjoying your home during those cold winter months. It allows for the garden to be an extension of the interior, but with the option of opening or closing the gorgeous glass doors! This will create a comfortable and cosy interior, or allow for a gentle breeze to cool the inside of your home.

Today on homify, we will look at a few dream veranda ideas, from contemporary sleek and modern design, to simple minimalist, even rustic charm, industrial loft style or for the really daring a Gothic appeal. There is definitely a veranda style for every personality and this Ideabook is filled with inspirational examples.


This elegant veranda creates the perfect place for an outdoor dining appeal. The shape of this fantastic modern designer cottage has a rustic appearance, but the trend is simple and sleek. Enjoy the outdoor experience through the comfort of this relaxing space and be at peace regardless of the stormy weather! Transparent elegance is so achievable, don't you think?

Old porch

This classic decor touch has breathed new life into this old porch. By simply adding a coat of white paint, that old, battered veranda now has an updated, yet shabby chic design.The simplicity of the wooden windows and vertical trim would make this part of the home a great place to create a luxurious reading nook.

Add some comfortable seating and consider some double-glazing for insulation and your veranda can now be an energy-efficient stylish social zone within your home! Just enjoy the cool breeze from the many windows on a warm summer day.

Frameless glazing

This spectacular idea has a modern edge, minimalist chic design and a classy appearance! It's a design trend popular in Turkey and Spain, creating an ultra-sleek transparent design trend. The semi-circular and beautifully arranged corners create an illusion of a wall, and although it is relatively expensive tempered glass, the stylish appearance is bar none. The exceptional design is by the team at Estúdio Paulo Alves and it is absolutely fantastic.

Moveable doors

Aluminium orangery with bi fold doors homify Modern conservatory

Aluminium orangery with bi fold doors


These folding doors is yet another elegant design option to create a dream veranda. Although the glass is quite expensive, due to its insulating properties. The space will be glossy, grand and transparent while remaining warm and cosy during the cold season. It may be expensive, but there is no replacement for warmth, especially during the time of the year when an icy chill is expected.

Gothic arches

Complex Conservatory on Victorian Rectory Vale Garden Houses Eclectic style conservatory
Vale Garden Houses

Complex Conservatory on Victorian Rectory

Vale Garden Houses

Gothic arches places at the top of the window is great if your home already has that rustic aristocratic atmosphere. It allows for maximum exposure to sunlight, while the swinging doors add a comfortable experience. Allowing for a generous amount of ventilation to add a relaxing note to the home experience. Just sit back and enjoy the sight, smell and sound of a cool breeze.

What veranda?

This idea shows a roof that is perfectly insulated as well. So, besides the insulated doors of the veranda opening to the exterior, the veranda itself seems to be a very liveable part of the house. This elegant idea also allows for the creation of a winter garden, great if you would like to start growing some tropical plants. However, this depends on whether or not you consider yourself the gardening type.

Extension of the interior

This dream veranda is more than just an undercover space to relax, but the addition of the porch makes it a great way to extend the living space of the home to the exterior. Seamless outdoor dining or just catching a tan, this beautiful home allows for a comfortable experience, regardless of the season and the weather! It's a practical home upgrade.

Simple veranda

This is one of the most popular veranda ideas! With home becoming smaller, but people opting for social areas to still be part of the decor, open plan living is the perfect solution. Here we see the kitchen, living room and informal dining area, perfectly houses behind a sliding glass door, with an option of using the exterior of the home as an outdoor dining space as well.


This veranda design is the epitome of minimalist style. The glass cube creates a stylish and transparent appearance, allowing for maximum natural sunlight to enter throughout the day. It's a chic and modern design that will be comfortable at any time, and may end up being your favourite part of the home. The gorgeous interior lighting simply makes this space even grander, don't you think?

Glass roof

Structural Glass Conservatory, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern conservatory Glass
The Bazeley Partnership

Structural Glass Conservatory, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

Wow! This glass roof spectacle of a veranda is great if space is not a problem for you. The layout and use of quality materials will ensure that the space is stunning, comfortable and relaxing regardless of the weather, with a heating system included for optimal comfort. Outdoor dining, a special social zone or even just admiring the garden, this area will surely become your favourite. How about A beautiful pergola whatever the weather?

How have you incorporated a veranda into your home? What do you think of these ideas? Let us know!

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