10 amazing colours for a small room’s walls

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We all know the powerless feeling of wanting to enlarge a room, yet not having the budget to tear down a wall or add an extension. However, there are other easier ways of making a room seem and feel bigger – and it comes in a can of paint! 

Yes, painting a small room’s walls (and even opting for wallpaper or tiles) can go a long way to making a space seem more open and inviting. But don’t worry – there is a myriad of other colours besides pure white (even though it does remain one of the best options).

Keep in mind that you choice of wall colour can also be enhanced with the right furniture and décor pieces, regardless of whether it’s a small kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even a narrow hallway. 

So, according to the experts (such as professionals Interior Designers and Decorators), these are 10 of the most creative colour choices, in no particular order, to splash onto a small room’s walls…  

1. Sage Green

This light, mossy green with a touch of grey makes a small room come alive, especially if there’s a window present. Add some flowers and/or a potted plant to take full advantage of this lush, fresh colour. 

2. Navy Blue

Many people state that dark colours don’t belong in a small room. Well, we’ve heard that as long as you offset that darker tone with soft-tinted furnishings / décor, plus lots of light, it’s fine! 

Plus, painting a small room a darker colour can camouflage the fact that it’s so small. And this deep ocean blue is ideal for creating the perception of depth. 

3. Gunmetal Grey

Same as Navy Blue, Gunmetal Grey can lend elegance to a smaller space. And the reason this stunning example works is due to:

a) the lighter wall on the left side,

b) the softer-coloured furnishings, and more importantly,

c) that abundance of natural lighting streaming indoors.

4. Beige

Beige will never go out of style, especially not when one considers its various advantages in terms of brightening up tiny rooms. Beige is also the perfect option for everyone tired of basic white, as it’s a much warmer and friendlier hue.

5. Blue-Green

There is something about a Blue-Green mix that evokes memories of lazy afternoons by the seaside. And any space that makes one think of the mighty ocean can’t feel small at all, right? 

Aiding in this nautical hue is the off-white colours of the bed and linen, as well as the window frame and ceiling that help to break it up a tad.

6. Cream

Wish there was a colour somewhere between white and yellow? Then get acquainted with Cream (and its many tints), as it can make a space shine without the brightness that can make yellow a difficult choice for a small room. 

7. Coffee

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Guest Bedroom

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To up a small room’s cosy factor in an elegant way, Coffee is the answer. A bit darker and richer than Beige, Coffee works best on a small room’s walls when combined with touches of dazzle, as can be seen here in the mirrors, glass, and other shiny surfaces. 

8. Soft Mint

Like Blue-Green, Soft Mint is cheerful and bright, but not so bright that it will swallow a small room. Aside from a living room (like our example shows), Soft Mint can also work wonders in a small kitchen with white cabinets. Or try it out as a focal wall! 

9. Pure White

We had to include the classic White, as it’s the no.1 choice for making a small space seem larger. But remember that there is a wealth of different off-white hues, each with their own blue, pink, yellow, green, etc. undertones. So, choose carefully – you don’t want to end up with walls flaunting a chilly look. 

homify hint: Keep your white room from looking clinical by opting for brightly coloured furnishings and decorations

10. Blush

Think of Blush as the equally friendly friend of Coral and Salmon. With its soft pink shades, Blush can easily warm up a small room without overpowering it.

Pair it with greys, whites, and blacks to ensure the room doesn’t end up looking too ‘girly’.  

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Which of these 10 colours will be splashed onto a small room in your home?

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