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A renovation that makes the most out of space

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It is so easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to living in the same apartment for a very long time. We let ourselves go, letting things clutter up and whilst useful space remains unutilised. Redecorating becomes more and more of a daunting task, and we keep setting back the dates to do so.

Today we will look at one such apartment, owned by people just like us, caught in the trap of being satisfied with the mediocre, since anything else seems like just too much work. Fortunately, & Company stepped in to save the day. What you’ll see here is a noteworthy transformation from the banal to the extraordinary.

Now, it is true that most apartments look good when it’s newly built or renovated, and the problem comes with time and wear of living. This renovation, however, provides a safety net for this, as it has efficient storage at its core. This means that it will be just so much easier to keep the house clean and streamlined, truer to its original form. Let’s go take a look!

Before: Chaotic kitchen

Ok, we admit, this is not a pleasant picture to head up an ideabook, but it is important that you see what the designers had to deal with. This dingy kitchen really sums up what the apartment looked like before the renovation – messy, ineffective placement of furniture, overcrowded with items that have no permanent home.

We can’t even say that all this kitchen needs is a good spring clean, because even if all of the superfluous items are removed (which is not trivial task), we would still be left with furniture taking up most of the space and not providing any storage area for the items used on a daily basis.

Besides the ineffectiveness of the spatial organisation, the materials are clearly outdated and worn beyond repair. Here we have a kitchen in dire need of a make-over!

After: style and space

If this is what an interior designer can make happen, we would say they are well worth the cost! Does this look at all like the image you saw before? The transformation is far beyond a clean-up and rearrangement, it is a complete overhaul, and one with style.

Let’s start at the back. The laundry room door has been replaced by a neat, classical door that is more suited to the organised space. To the left and along the backsplash area of the kitchen counters, white porcelain tiles have been installed in a subway pattern, giving the space a trendy and urban look.

The kitchen bench has remained in the same place, but the materials for the cabinets and counter tops have been updated to suit the modern look. A row of cabinets has also been installed close to the ceiling to make room for that direly needed storage space. Beneath this, we can also see an open, wall-mounted shelf, providing space for the more regularly used items in easy reach.

On the right, the refrigerator and other kitchen appliances have been installed within built-in cupboards, organising the space and preventing dead space were things can be left to create clutter. In contrast, it offers more cabinet space to store such items neatly out of sight. Next to it, we can see the dining area in a little alcove. The exposed brick provides a charming touch, and the bench against the wall has built-in drawers for even more storage. It seems almost impossible to let this kitchen get as cluttered as the previous one.

Before: Dull living space

Here we have a view of the entrance and to the left we see the edges of the living room before the renovation. From this image, everything looks dull and tired. Once again we can see the problem with spatial arrangement and cluttering with items.

The rusty-red living room suite looks exceptionally anachronistic and unfitting for a contemporary urban apartment. The large floor tiles do not play very well with the large amount of items in the room, making the place seem even smaller, if that is at all possible!

After: Light new living room

It takes a trained eye to find a way to transform a dull and claustrophobic space into the spacious area that still fulfil all its original purposes. The interior designers of & Company certainly possess this trait, since the after-space for this section is light and stylish, while retaining some of the earlier character. We can see, for example, the continuation of the colour scheme in the living room, only in a more tasteful fashion.

The front door has been replaced by a set of neat and space-saving sliding doors with glass panel insets.

The ceiling has received the welcome addition of a crown moulding perimeter, combined with LED lighting strips, diffusing a bright glow across the entire area of the room.

Before: Enclosed confusion

The family bathroom of this apartment before the renovation looks almost like a makeshift area constructed for temporary purposes. The materials are low-quality, and looks very unreliable when it comes to durability and wear-resistance.

The tiles have a half-hearted horizontal pattern crossing it. This was not unusual for home of a few decades ago, but it definitely has no place in a modern bathroom.

The biggest problem with this bathroom is the spatial distribution. The se of a bath in such a small space is completely unsuitable, and the toilet so close to the tiny sink seems just unsanitary.

After: An entirely different space

The bathroom has been transformed into a warm, contemporary haven. The exposed brick wall provides a trendy, industrial feeling to the area, and the installation of layered cabinets and shelf ensures that there is more than enough storage space to keep the inhabitants from cluttering up the space.

The backlit mirror is an ultramodern feature that adds a touch of glamour to the space. The floor has been redone in laminate with a wooden print, contributing to the warm atmosphere.

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Which of the rooms do you think had the best transformation? Do you like the style? Let us know!

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