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Dröm Living Classic style bedroom
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This beautiful, chic and sleek apartment is located in the suburb of Badalona, Spain. The home was given an awesome revamp and went from a boring and dull living space, to excellent modern living! The apartment is now filled with natural lighting and trendy style. 

The home is diminutive in size, with only 90 square metres to play with, but the excellent team of architects at Dröm Living, ensured that the full potential of this home has been reached perfectly! Minimalist living has taken on a completely new yet stylish approach and we love it! Contemporary and comfortable!

Lovely living

The apartment has a neutral vibe, with simple furniture and shades of grey making up the decor, while the layout of the space is open plan, the space is separated into dining room and living room areas through the different types of furniture. Although the decor is minimalist in style, it has a vibrant elegance through the addition of the variety of prints, simple yet brilliant illumination and decor. 

This creative take on modern minimalist style creates a comfortable interior that is charming and elegant, while maintaining the functionality and practicality of open plan living. Neutral greys, basic black and fun prints! What a combination.

Neutral zone

We now move onto the dining area of this open plan living space and while the apartment is small in size, each corner has been perfectly coordinated. This dining room is a celebration of symmetry and geometric shapes, while the decor remains simple.

The solid wooden dining table, classic black chairs and low hanging lighting makes for a comfortable space that can make for a comfortable intimate space or a great social zone. A dinner for two or six, this home is definitely for a social butterfly.

Hidden storage

From this angle we see what seems to be a blank white wall, but in actual fact the white wall is a large closet. It's a great design feature especially in a space that is so tiny, any extra storage is appreciated and because it is camouflaged, it fits in perfectly with the minimalist atmosphere of this apartment. 

This image also shows us a shifted perspective of the apartment, with a view of the lovely terrace with brick sills in the background, and a sliding door that allows for natural sunlight and ventilation to enter the apartment throughout the day, adding to the comfort and chic style of the decor.

Brilliant kitchen

This modern kitchen maintains the similar neutral shades of grey that was seen in the rest of the apartment, but with an added charm of rustic style tiles on the floor and blue bar stools, creating an informal eating area in this elongated kitchen, bringing the monochrome shades to life. 

While the countertops and top cabinets are white, bringing a brightened and almost more illuminated perspective to the decor, the black kitchen sink is the perfect contrast! Monochrome style has never been this updated and stunning in every way!

Basic bathroom

So because this apartment is relatively small in size, the bathroom would need to be shared between all the residents and therefore needs to seem spacious and uncluttered, while keeping in harmony with the colour tone of the rest of the living space. 

This bathroom has minimalist style in every way, with the added simplicity of a neutral colour scheme. The storage unit has been extended to be part of the shower, enhancing the seamless look of this bathroom. The hexagonal texture of the grey wall tiles, mimics exposed concrete and accentuates the designer feature of this bathroom, which is elegant and sleek in every way.

Dreamy Bedroom

This bedroom is in perfect harmony with the rest of the apartment, the neutral grey shades and all-white bed linen creates a comfortable space to relax, unwind and escape the perils of the working world! While this apartment is small in size, the bedroom is rather spacious, with ample storage in the form of beside tables and even a chest of drawers. 

The decor is simple, minimalist style is great for small spaces and the use of neutral shades and colours further enhances the elegance of the space. If you need Top tips for affordable apartment living!, then check out this Ideabook.

Have you used neutral shades in your home? What do you think of this home? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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