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​A Tiny Bathroom Transformation

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When it comes to the world of architecture and interior design, projects work just like any other venture in any other field. Sometimes a few hitches cause complications, while other times the entire process goes down without any trouble. And then sometimes, a miracle occurs, and it is such an example that we are discovering today. 

Innenarchitekturbüro Jürgen Lübcke architects, located in Krefeld, Germany, took charge of today’s remodelling project. And they are the perfect experts to show us that with hard work and imagination, just about anything can happen. 

The starting point: a dark and small bathroom no more than 7 m² in size. The end result: a bright and super comfortable space where one can answer Mother Nature’s calls in style.

Low light and no ventilation

What a place to start our project. We all know that a well-lit and sufficiently ventilated space is crucial, regardless of whether it’s a bathroom or a home office. Sadly, this jumping-off point for the remodelling did not provide those factors, which is why help was needed. 

Notice how the bathtub hinders comfortable access to the bidet, toilet and shower. Definitely a space-cramped area where the pieces are far too large for the available space. And on top of that, we find ourselves with a very outdated design.

Zero practicality

Claustrophobia is not everybody’s idea of a fun time spent in the bathroom. Unfortunately, that is what this space represented before its alteration. The colour used on the floor and wall tiles was, in addition, much too dark and old-fashioned, resulting in a drab and suffocating look. And that sloping roof did nothing to remedy the situation.

Surely a very clever remodelling was needed to transform this weakened space into something functional, modern and inviting. And was it achieved? Only one way to find out…

What a transformation

Could this truly be the same bathroom? It is nothing short of magical what was achieved in this space! 

First of all, the new bathroom light adds a world of difference, making the space brighter. This is helped further along by that heaven-sent window that was added into the sloping roof.

Secondly, that old floor definitely had to go, and we are most proud of its replacement.  New ceramic finishing in a cool cream makes for one ultra stylish transformation.

Everything here is perceived as much better and brighter. But the new shower also deserves special recognition. What was once a dull and depressing spot has now become a glamorous cleansing zone that is so much more welcoming.

Modern lines

Who would believe that this much change could happen in a space of only 7 m²? This is a perfect example of how important the right materials and colours are. Drab and dreary is out, and clear and elegant is in!

What’s more, the bathroom has now been blessed with some sophisticated and practical furniture, solving the storage problem and saving up more legroom. And that brand new mirror? Simply stunning!

The details

Upon closer inspection, we can see that the tile size is quite large. This is an ingenious solution, helping to accentuate the feeling of spaciousness. 

A small vertical niche has been added to the shower, adorned by a glass vase and set of reeds, which bring a minimalist touch to the new space. And in these little details, we can see how the idea of refinement is superbly reinforced. 

We are on a bathroom-boosting roll! Let’s check out how to: Boost your bathroom in an afternoon.

Simply miraculous – at least in our books. We’d love to know what you think of this stylish transformation, so share with us:

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