DIY: 7 steps to create your own fire-pit

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Building your own firepit is surprisingly easy, with a little bit of woodworking and a sprinkle of home improvement enthusiasm!

With winter approaching, there is simply no better way to utilise your garden than to build a firepit! A firepit will allow you to safely light a fire and enjoy warmth and comfort under the stars, even in the coldest of weather.

Even if you have a small garden, you can build a firepit—the perfect centre piece for evening sipping on wine and sharing stories. You can even use your firepit to cook potjies or pizzas, or even roast some marsh mellows!

Firepits are also very easy to build, so constructing one can become a DIY project that the whole family can get involved in.

So let's roll up our sleeves and get to work! 

Pan your firepit design

Before you get your hands dirty, however, it's important to plan. You need to know where your firepit will be based in your garden.

This depends on how big your garden is, what shape it is and how much free space there is. Ideally, you want a grassy area that is free from too many low hanging trees or bushes. You don't want any plants to catch on fire while you are warming up your toes in front of the fire!

Choose a wide, open area and decide on what type of firepit you are going to go for. You want people to be able to fit comfortably around it so ensure there is room for seats. Opt for a firepit that suits your taste and style as well—you want it enhance your home!

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Measure where the firepit will go

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Pizza firepit

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Now that you have worked out where you firepit will go, it's time to measure out the space. As we mentioned before, you want people to be able to fit around it comfortably. 

Use a tape measure to work out how much space you need around the firepit and then you can workout what size your firepit should be.

In a small garden, you can use a portable firepit, like this one by La Hacienda. It's small, light and convenient and you can cook up a delicious pizza right on top. Nothing says cozy winter like melting cheese and a glass of wine.

If you have a larger space for your firepit, however, you can actually build one into the ground. Then you can enjoy it in summer too!

Dig out the pit

If you've decided to go for a permanent firepit, then you can start by digging out a pit for this excellent garden feature. 

This is also a fun activity for the whole family, and it will burn up those winter calories that we've started storing in the form of hot chocolate, red wine and much-needed treats! 

Get a few spades and get to work. Your pit can be as shallow or as deep as you like, but make sure that it will be adequate. You don't want your fire to disappear into a hole, but you also don't want the hole to be too shallow. 

Also ensure that your pit is wide enough. You can see in this design, by these Japanese gardening experts, that they've left enough space so that everyone can sit comfortably with their feet in the pit, without being too close to the fire. 

Mix concrete and lay foundation

Now that you have a pit for your fire, you can use concrete and bricks to create a foundation for the firepit. You want this foundation to be sturdy, but it should also protect the ground from the flames. 

You can use bricks to lay a foundation, like the one that we see in this image. Otherwise you can get really fancy and mix your own concrete. All that you need to do is mix together sand, stone and cement and there you have it! Fill your until you have an adequate foundation—at least 10cm thick.

Whatever you do, make sure that your foundation is level. Use a spirit level to determine this and scrape the concrete until it becomes even before it dries. 

Build outer wall

Once you've got your foundation, you can get to work on the outer wall, which will be the structure that contains your fire. 

Decide on if you want a square, rectangle or round wall and then get to work constructing it. Use bricks to build it, slathering each one with cement so that they stick together. You don't want your outer wall to crumble!

Once your wall is built, you can paint it a funky colour or you can keep it as is, to go for a rustic look and feel. Remember that this is your project so do what works for you!

Build inner fire brick wall

Once your outer wall is completed, you're going to need an inner wall. Remember that the flames are going to be very hot so you want a few layers when it comes to containing the fire!

Mirror the shape that you've used to build your outer wall and build the inner wall using bricks. Get your kids to help you stack them, one by one, so that they you get the perfect pattern.

Add finishing touches

Now that you've built your firepit, you can start titivating. Add a wood display next to your firepit, like in this design, to create a warm, earthy and trendy look and feel. Or paint your firepit a modern black or grey colour, which will hide the smoke stains as well!

Decorate your firepit with brightly coloured throws and cushions, so that it looks like an incredibly warm and inviting space. Have a look through the homify firepit products for inspiration for your own firepit design!

Trust us, once you have your firepit, you'll never want to spend time in any other part of the house. Make sure you stock up on wood for winter!

Will you be building a firepit this season? What do you think of these tips? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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