5 things to consider before buying a house plan

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Imagine the excitement: you have saved and planned and now, finally, you are commencing the first stages of building your dream home! Of course one of the most crucial elements in order to have your dream home (or any structure) are building plans, for which, professional architects are vital.

But how do you go about choosing the right building plans for your home? What do you need to take into consideration to ensure you don’t start a long process that’ll only waste time and money? 

We might be able to offer some suggestions… and while we’re at it, we thought we’d also mention an experienced architectural firm to help you with those dream house plans you’ll be needing: Nuclei Lifestyle Design. Nuclei Lifestyle Design is a seasoned architectural dream team located in Pretoria. With a passion for both architecture and interior design, the firm has proudly taken on a wealth of projects across South Africa, as is evidenced by its ever-growing portfolio. 

And it’s not only residential homes, for Nuclei Lifestyle Design has also shown what it’s capable of when it comes to corporate offices and retail environments – and the results are no less practical or deluxe! 

Let’s sneak a peek at some residential designs by Nuclei Lifestyle Design while checking out 5 important considerations for choosing your perfect house plan.  

1. Your lifestyle

Your new home must be in harmony with your lifestyle – and we don’t just mean visual beauty, but also practicality. So, looking at a particular house plan, do you see you and your family living your daily lives? Can you comfortably host social gatherings with friends, for example? 

2. Your privacy

Exterior view – pool (after) Nuclei Lifestyle Design Modern houses
Nuclei Lifestyle Design

Exterior view – pool (after)

Nuclei Lifestyle Design

Privacy is essential for certain spaces (like bathrooms), but not every household places equal emphasis on privacy when it comes to their houses and lifestyle. For example, some people have no trouble with flimsy (or no) curtains at night in their living rooms – in fact, the larger the windows, the better for them! 

In addition if you work from home, you’re probably going to want your study / home office to be located not too close from the social / loud areas of the house, like the cinema room or dining room. 

What is your household’s need for privacy like? Does it match the house plans you’re considering? 

3. Your property

Night render from pool Render Nuclei Lifestyle Design Garden Pool swimming pool,modern,house
Nuclei Lifestyle Design

Night render from pool Render

Nuclei Lifestyle Design

Don’t think that any house can be built on just any lot – its size and shape are both vital factors to consider. 

Think about walkways and drainage systems. Where will you park your car? Is it located a convenient distance from the front door? Is there additional parking space for visitors? What about the position of the sun – are there any windows in your new home where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset / sunrise? What about when the temperatures change during winter – how is that going to affect the sun and your interiors? 

4. Your furniture

It happens only in special cases where someone can get a new house built plus purchase brand-new furniture. In the majority of cases, homeowners have to carry on with their existing furnishings and decorations.

That’s why it’s important to measure your existing furniture pieces and plan how they’re going to fit into your future home. And remember there is such a thing as too much space! 

Remember that it’s recommended to keep at least 90 cm of space around each piece of furniture to facilitate easy movement and comfortable visual aesthetics within a room.

5. Your budget

Last but certainly not least: the amount of money you have available must definitely be kept in mind before you choose your house plan. It might be tempting to overspend, but plan ahead. Concentrate more on your short-term needs and your actual budget to avoid being squeezed too tight afterwards by monthly payments. 

Keep in mind that future renovations or improvements can always be made. In fact, some people opt to keep open spaces in their yards for future add-ons and extension as soon as their budgets allow for it – that’s called clever planning! 

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What else will you keep in mind when searching for the perfect house plans for your new home?

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