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Designed by Portuguese architects, Maqet, the home that we are about to explore today is quite simply, perfect.

Their architecture is characterised by clean lines, precise detail and earthy tones. In fact, all of their projects exhibit this incredible style, where beauty and the sublime collide.

Today at homify, we will also take tips and advice from the Maqet designs to figure out how to transform our homes into pristine, cozy spots that make even the grumpiest of teenagers long for home.

Cottage Cuteness

From the get-go, we can see this house adds a subtle twist to the ordinary.  A normal A-frame house sits on a gorgeous property, with lush green grass and wonderful trees.

The first trick here is that the architects have utilised the property site, incorporating as much of the original lawn and trees as possible. Remember that nature is your best decor element! Create a very tropical exterior look and feel simply by incorporating the original natural surrounds!

The designers have worked with the environment by creating a very subtle and neutral looking home. Soft red tiles complement the cream walls. The window and door frames add a little character, however, finished in a soft, pastel peppermint green colour.

Have you ever seen something so stylish?

Interior Delight

Just in case the cockles of your heart weren't warmed enough by the homely, earthy look and feel of the outside of this home, we thought we'd bring you inside. 

Because you have to see this to believe it.

Everything is in it's perfect place, with the architects opting for a minimalist, yet cozy look and feel. Minimalist is defined by only including decor items and furniture pieces that are functional for a space. 

The designers have opted for blonde wooden floors and white walls, which are enhanced by black and white furniture and artwork. Don't you just love the portrait photograph on the right hand side of the living room?

You may also be able to spot a little office space in the corner of this room, showing just how important and beneficial it is to utilise ever nook and cranny.

Tip: If minimalist is your favourite style, check out this minimalist home full of personality.

Light and Bright

The dining room fits into an open plan space behind the sofa, creating one big living area. This opens up the room and makes the home seem spacious and bright.

Natural light is also incredibly important when it comes to modern homes. Look at how the designers have incorporated large glass windows throughout the room, allowing natural light to filter into this space—perfect!

The dining room table is a very natural and earthy tone, with grey chairs and a light wooden surface. The designers have added two little pot plants to the space to brighten it up in the most natural way possible.

Have a look through the dining room homify products for inspiration.

Classy Kitchen

The kitchen is our favourite spot in the whole house, with gorgeous wooden cupboards, sleek creamy beige counter tops and cabinets and of course, trendy floors!

Every feature in this kitchen works in harmony, including the funky overhead light. Lighting is so important, especially in the kitchen as you want to be able to see what you are cooking. The designers have incorporated this stylish overhead lighting in conjunction with dimming lights in the ceiling—the perfect combination.

The kitchen also opens up off of the living space, which is very vogue at the moment. It allows for a far more social environment for the family or for guests who are sitting at the dining room table while the chef is whipping up a feast.

Add a Little Colour

From this angle, we can see how the wooden floors merge with the PVC flooring, creating textures and tones throughout the kitchen space. These contrast with the kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

The designers have added beautiful, coloured plates to the wall, adding detail and design to this space, as well as a touch of colour. This is a great idea as it fits into the whole look and feel of the kitchen environment. If you go for this design, make sure you hang your plates up securely. You don't want them to fall and break!

Besides this, the rest of the kitchen if very uniform—neat and tidy. This is what you want for your kitchen, so that it remains looking hygienic and ready for some cooking creativity!

The Last Shot

We end off on this photograph, which is whimsical and pretty, showing us just how cool and classy this design is. 

The lanterns are simply the cherry on the top of a perfect design that works in harmony. Outside lighting is key to a warm and welcoming home, providing a soft light in the evening so those returning home can see where they are going. It also means that you can enjoy your garden after sunset, keeping an eye on the kids! Invest in some outdoor lanterns like this for your own home—but make sure they are durable and will last in the outdoors!

Everything about this home is special and unique. Don't you just love it?

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What do you think of this home? Which room is your favourite? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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