Dark colours in small rooms? Give it a try!

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In this edition of homify, we aim to debunk an old home decor myth… darker colours will make a space feel smaller. Sometimes a darker colour brings with it luxury, elegance and rich beauty, so just because your home is diminutive, doesn't mean you need to miss out on this fantastic stylish trend. 

This Ideabook is filled with tips on how best to incorporate this designer home decor inspiration into your home, whether it be for your open plan living space, kitchen or even bedroom. Our team has your living space covered! It may be the more moody side of the colour palette, but that doesn't mean it can't be fabulous!

Ceilings in a lighter tone

If you like the idea of a darker toned neutral palette for your walls, then it would be an excellent idea to keep your ceiling white, simply because the white ceilings gives an illusion that the space has more vertical height. You don't want your room to seem like a squashed box, almost shrinking your room. So balance is key.

This inspirational designer living room has ticked all the design boxes perfectly! With a darker shade on the walls, the furniture, curtains, ceiling and floor in a lighter palette compliments and completes the interior decor of the room! The natural sunlight adds another dimension of interior lighting during the day, while making the space bright and breezy too.

A balancing act

Are you someone with a flair for the dramatic? Then how about this bumble bee inspired kitchen? The bright mustard-yellow cabinets adds a fun atmosphere and would be great in a home with kids, while the darker charcoal almost black top half of the kitchen is fascinating and funky.

It's contrasting and contradictory, but an altogether fantastic combination… if you dare of course! The old interior decorating and design rules no longer apply in the modern age, so go on and take your pick of the colour wheel! See what interesting prospects await.

Neutral palette for your property

Render asf Modern living room



The colour palette of this open plan living space is undeniably neutral, but on the darker side of the colour spectrum. It's an idea that would be great on a home with an industrial style edge, something often seen in converted commercial buildings with exposed pipes and vents.

Each aspect of this designer open plan space works perfectly with each other, from the worn look of the kitchen counter to the fascinating palette furniture. The shades of neutral colours that were used in each corner of this home adds a chic and creative use of colour. We love this inspirational design by ASF!

Art on a large wall

bedroom wall in a rich plumb colour has a sensational and sultry element about it, but using the wall as decor on its own would be a bit dull, so why not add some fascinating art pieces to boost the colour and create a vibrant ambiance too! 

Pair the fantastic dark colour tone with all-white bed linen and finish off the decor space with colourful scatter cushions for added cheekiness! This space has a slight vintage attraction, but with a unique modern twist! Dramatic colours of old are now transformed for modern homes!

Curtain comfort

Floor sweeping curtains! There is nothing as luxurious and opulent as dark heavy drapes! This is excellent if you are one that has trouble falling asleep in a bright room or if you would like to opt for escaping that midday sun!

However, if your room is already small, can you add dark curtains? Well the choice is yours, but there is something so effortlessly dramatic and stylish about dark drapes! Simply just open the curtains if you want natural sunlight to stream into your space and close them for privacy! Curtains are also easily interchangeable, so now it's also simple to add a different designer look as your mood changes!


We have come to an end of our Ideabook, but we just have to show you how cool accessories would be on a wall to break up a darker colour! This bottle green wall has an almost gothic air about it, but with some fun frames and prints and a modern lamp in white, the room now has a vibrant ambiance!

It's amazing what you can do with some imagination and colour! We hope you are a bit more at ease with using darker colours in your home! 

But for more, Cool wall ideas for contemporary homes have a look at this Ideabook and be inspired!

Have you used a darker shade in your home? How did that work for you? Let us know!

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