The homify guide to creating a stress-free home

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There’s a lot to be said for stress, apart from the fact that most of us seem to have it these days! For one thing, the right type and amount of stress can actually be a good thing, like worrying about meeting a deadline at work can propel you to put in a little extra time and, thus, perform better. 

But too much stress can affect us quite terribly, especially when it comes to both our physical and mental health, including depression, lack of energy, and a higher risk of cholesterol and heart attack. That is why it is crucial to cut down on stressful situations where possible, especially at home. Home is supposed to be a safe and stress-free space where one relaxes, recharges, and spend quality time with loved ones. That puts a rather important emphasis on the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and any other space in the home, doesn’t it?

But what do you do when ‘home’ is one of the areas in your life that enhances your stress levels? Then you should really follow the examples of professional interior designers and look at doing the following…  

1. Create a ‘landing station’

Scrambling around at the last minute looking for keys, wallets, etc. definitely contributes to stress! So, what do we do? We put a small console table in our hallway / entryway where we know our car keys, purse, sunglasses, and range of other goodies are always stored. That is sure to aid in a stress-free home, streamline your mornings and help you stay more organised. 

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2. Welcome in batches of sunshine

Dining Room AB DESIGN Minimalist dining room

Dining Room


Here in South Africa we are most fortunate to get adequate amounts of vitamin D in the form of sunshine on a daily basis (depending on the season and location, of course). And getting enough sunlight to boost one’s mood is not something we made up. Studies have shown that lack of light in the winter months, particularly in several countries in the northern hemisphere like Sweden, can result in a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 

So, what do we do? We take off / open up those heavy curtains during the day and welcome in the sunshine and gorgeous views! And how about getting some of those new light bulbs that emulate daylight for a nightly ambience of sunshine? 

Whether it’s for new window treatment or any other kind of interior design magic, we recommend AB Design. Located in Cape Town (but implementing various projects throughout South Africa), AB Design is regarded as one of the industry leaders in the fields of retail, residential, exhibition, office and product design. Just like the firm’s relationships with its growing list of clientele, AB Design puts maximum effort into its projects and pieces to ensure everlasting quality. 

3. Create a zone intended for relaxing

Guest Bedroom Tru Interiors Country style bedroom
Tru Interiors

Guest Bedroom

Tru Interiors

Work, significant other, kids, pets, friends… no wonder we’re all so stressed with trying to find enough time for every aspect of our busy, busy lives. But when was the last time you dedicated some time (and space) to just you? 

Find a room, a corner, or even just one single chair in your home and make it your personal relaxation spot. Add elements to make it more homey and comfy as per your personal taste like a fluffy blanket, a candle, a stack of books, etc. and inform the rest of your household that whenever you’re in your relaxation spot, that means you’re having a time out! 

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4. Unplug every now and again

Pyjama Lounge AB DESIGN Living room

Pyjama Lounge


It’s pretty hard to find a space nowadays where technology is NOT present. Televisions, computers, mobile phones, and other gadgets get updated seemingly every second. And yes, we know that technology can help us relax, but it can also lead to stress.

So how can technology aid in a stress-free home? By being unplugged! Make a rule that nobody checks emails at home, turn off those phones if necessary, and try to get back to basic family life without social media present every single day. We promise you’ll survive!  

5. Opt for calming colours

Master Bathroom AB DESIGN Minimal style Bathroom

Master Bathroom


Colour Psychology is something we swear by! Basically it states that any colour in your immediate region impacts you subconsciously. And while you probably didn’t consider how that bright red, for instance, would affect your mood when decorating your home, the time has come to take stock of your house’s colour palettes. 

Harsh tones, like reds and yellows, have been known to actually raise one’s blood pressure. And since a stress-free home is what we’re after, replace those loud tints with more serene options such as light blues, dusty greens, and calming neutrals. 

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6. Make your bed and clean your kitchen… every day!

House Habana, AB DESIGN AB DESIGN Modern style bedroom

House Habana


How you start your day can greatly impact your mood and stress levels. So, kick off every day with an easy task: make your bed. This simple task has been shown to inform your brain (and mood) that you’ve achieved something, which sets you on a better path to take on the rest of the day. 

Same with your dirty kitchen: do not leave those piles of dirty dishes in the sink before going to bed. Pack the dishwasher, rinse those expensive wine glasses, and wipe down the countertop surfaces before calling it a day. Walking into a clean and neat kitchen the next morning will also help to raise your spirit levels. 

7. Banish the clutter

Chefs Kitchen homify Kitchen Quartz White white kitchen,composite stone,porcelain tiles,ghost chairs,franke,smeg,iroko doors,italian porcelain,quartz,island

Chefs Kitchen


Tidying up your bedroom and kitchen will make you feel more light and free, so how about maximising that positive feeling by extending your ‘no clutter’ attitude throughout your home? 

Take no prisoners! Get rid of anything you no longer want or need, including clothes you’ve been waiting to slim into (it doesn’t work!). You could even donate your unneeded items to charity to make a positive impact on someone else’s life which, in turn, can help to make their day more stress free. 

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8. Invite Mother Nature inside

We know that spending time outdoors can positively impact our mood and health levels. So, what’s the natural thing to do? Bring pieces of nature inside in the form of potted plants, vases full of fresh flowers, artwork depicting landscapes, etc. Studies have taught us that just looking at a painting or photograph of beautiful scenery can lower our stress levels. 

In fact, there are so many more ways in which a home can be transformed into a more relaxing environment – like these 13 easy ways to make your bathroom look like a hotel space…  

What else will you be doing to turn your home into a completely stress-free space?

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