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Welcome inside the home of a young couple and their children. It's an exciting home which was designed as collaboration between the couple and their architect. The projects origin began following the couples desire for a fresh start after they had noticed that their family life wasn't as happy or engaging as it should be. However, they didn't wish to move into an established home but wanted to build a new house from scratch. Their new house would be designed and tailored towards their young family's current and future needs. So without further ado, come and enjoy the tour of this exquisite architectural accomplishment. 

Plenty of room to play

Young children require space to run around and be adventurous, so a home with a big backyard was always apart of the couples plans. Backyards are perfect for the time after school when the kids still have plenty of energy to burn off. Here the children can run riot without the fear of injury while the parents catch up in a more quiet spot inside.

An open communal space

Entering the home, the immediate feeling that the architect imparts upon the occupant is one of warmth and cosiness. This is best expressed within the homes main communal area which is formed by a kitchen, dining and living spaces. You can see how the smart architectural design of the room allows the space to be so bright and open. Notice how the double height pitched roof and extensive glazing allow sunlight to flood into the space and reflect off the polished timber surfaces. 

Timber as a feature

The choice of timber plays an important role towards the look and feel within the homes communal spaces. Used for flooring, ceiling clad, furniture, benchtops and cabinetry, you will always feel close to nature living here.

Tatami room

This house even accommodates a Tatami room which is a speciality of some Oriental homes. They're rooms dedicated towards relaxing and enjoyment with most used as spaces to perform yoga and meditation. Notice how the design of this Tatami room is focused upon the structure itself rather than the items that are within it. 

A unique ceiling

Back in the main communal area, this perspective allows us to take a better look at the pitched ceiling. It's certainly a bold architectural statement that is rare in most new builds. Thanks to its design there's ample sunlight available to keep the dining room vibrant and lively. The ever changing shadows shift throughout the day, adding a certain positivity only achieved by the sun and its shadows.

A neat bathroom

The bathroom is the room most of us are forced to face when waking up in the morning, but having a bathroom as charming as this, those sluggish mornings getting ready for work will be a thing of the past. With its clean and inviting white palette combined with the fresh burst of morning sun, tackling a new day will be easy. 

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