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​A Delightful Transformation

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Venduta a Prima Vista
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Out with the old, in with the new – that’s what they always say, isn’t it? Well, sometimes ‘old’ can also be fantastic, and other times ‘old’ needs a bit of TLC and dressing up before we can appreciate its aesthetic qualities. 

Enter professional home stagers Venduta A Prima Vista (Italian for “sold at first sight”). Their business is to ensure that available properties get zhushed up in order to flaunt a bit more style and substance for prospective buyers and/or renters. 

And even though home staging is not the same as renovating a space, it still requires quite a lot more work than fluffing a pillow here and dusting a surface there.

Let’s see how they fared with one of their recent accomplishments.

Before: the living room

Before our professionals got to work, this living room was in desperate need of some love. Although not requiring a sledgehammer, a bit of devotion and reworking was definitely in order. 

The space does present potential: the room is wide, has smooth surfaces, and allows for decent lighting to enter via the windows and glass doors. The marble flooring is a bonus, since marble is always a prize-winning material in the right space.

Let’s see what some creative thinking and hard work can do.

After: the living room

Apparently quite a lot!

As we said, the marble floor was there to stay, and thank goodness the only changes to it was some decent cleaning and polishing – it looks simply stunning now. 

The dull and drab space has now been transformed into a modern and sophisticated environment. It even looks brighter, as if sunlight wants to be part of this magical alteration. 

Our experts used the geometric lines of the space and enhanced that to full capacity. Using greys and whites and combining it with azure blue turned out to be a genius idea. Notice the thin legs of the sofa and side- and coffee tables – lightweight elements that add even more visual space to the room.

After: the living room (continued)

Now, a look from the other side of the room. Here we can appreciate the ingenious selection of furniture, tones, materials and textures even more.

A very modern sculpture joins the sofa in its new home, adding a shining touch of sleekness to this bright and open space. A smoky topaz-brown coats the living room door, neatly balancing the delicate contrast between the neutrals and that striking blue. 

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Before: the dining room

Looking at the dining room before the transformation, it was clear that some clever planning was required. Gloomy walls, dark corners, and outdated textures – just the look of that frilly curtain is enough to ensure sleepless nights. 

Luckily, homify only deals with clever thinkers, and we were quite optimistic that this dreary space would soon become a modern and welcoming work of art. 

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After: the dining room (continued)

And we were right…  

With some ingenious concepts and hard work, an old and bare room can become a bright and modern space that is not only inviting, but elegantly charming. 

That unexciting curtain has been replaced by a glorious window treatment – light, airy, and breezy, to allow maximum natural light to enter this stunning new space. 

As with the living room, a light contrast is achieved here in terms of colours. Pale and light neutral tones offset quite remarkably with a handful of dusty blues and cool periwinkle, with a touch of warm red and spicy orange added for good visual measure.

Before: the bedroom

The bedroom, like the rest of the house, had extreme amounts of potential – it only needed an artistic eye and creative brain to unleash it. 

Fortunately, our experts had a fantastic glass door to work with – clear glass to let through some sunshine, as well as beautiful wood that only needed a light touch-up. 

And just see that other very strong point of the room: the parquet floor. That wooden texture and chevron-patterned surface is a definite must, and even here we can see the promise of what only a light cleaning and polishing will afford this room.

After: the bedroom

Ta-da! A dramatic change makes for one striking space that is sure to conjure up only the sweetest of dreams. 

Our experts got to work and the result is a masterpiece of Scandinavian inspiration. Adding a rug (not too big; we still need to see that sexy wooden floor) makes the space more intimate and soft. 

The neutral colour palette continues to impress, and here it is joined by a slight touch of lemonade pink. The colours are made even more elegant thanks to the inclusion of stylish furniture: a delicate garden-like chair for the corner, soft pillows and scatter cushions, bed throws that add some texture, and a side table and lighting elements that neatly round off the room.  

Before? A dull and empty shell of a house that was begging for a second chance. And now? A sophisticated space that flaunts its new style and décor with utmost delight!

Were you as surprised as we by the stunning results? Tell us what you think of this transformation (and also which room you like best).

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