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Before & After: It's in the Detail

Leigh Leigh
DecoYcina. Marta Espel
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Spanish Interior Architects DecoYcina. Mara Espel, restore hope for us at homify, when it comes to neglected spaces that have become run down and dilapidated. 

Today, we will show you how they have transformed a seemingly hopeless space into a gorgeous, modern masterpiece. Utilising every inch of the space available to them, we will see how they have used the finer details in interior design and architecture to create a cozy home that anyone would be proud to live in.

In this ideabook, you will see that anything is possible with a bit of elbow grease, some imagination and a touch of love.

Lofty Experience

The first image we have of this extreme renovation is the little loft section of the home, where the bedroom exists. Modern and classy!

The interior architects have gone for a very neutral and earthy tone, making use of a light wood, beige walls and white linen. For a small space, this is very effective as it keeps the place looking light and tranquil. When it comes to small apartments or houses, try to avoid very dark colours. Remember, if you keep your walls, floors and linen neutral, you can always add splashes of colour in the form of artwork or bright, patterned cushions. 

If you have a mezzanine level or a loft level, like this one, in your home, there are lots of benefits. For starters, you are making use of vertical space, freeing room up on the bottom level for your living space. It's also very trendy. It's best suited for a bachelor pad or a couple's apartment, however, as there isn't much privacy from the rest of the house!

Remember to invest in some sturdy rails if you do go this route. You don't want someone slipping and falling off the second floor!

Cozy and Quaint

If we make our way down the stairs from the loft bedroom, we can see how the space under the loft has been utilised for a living room.

The interior architects have stuck to their neutral theme, opting for a white sofa and black ottomans. We love the chic white coffee table!

You'll notice that they've placed a long rectangle mirror across the wall, above the sofa. Mirrors are a wonderful tool for making a room appear larger. They add a lot of depth to a space, reflecting the room back on itself so that it seems bigger. You can even cover your entire wall with a mirror!

Corridor Magic

You can tell in this image that the corridor is incredibly narrow in this space, but the designers have managed to make the most of it regardless.

They've included very light wooden floors, pale walls and lots of overhead lighting to ensure that this space doesn't appear to be or feel any more crowded than it already is.

A mirror has also been placed in this area to make it seem wider and less narrow.

Read these tips on: Maximising space in small homes.

Before the Love

In this image, we can see what the corridor looked like before and it's horrendous. The space is dark and dingy, with no beautiful little dimming lights that we saw in the post-renovation photographs. 

Light is incredibly important for small spaces as the darker it is, the smaller it looks. This corridor doesn't even seem like the same one that we saw in the previous photograph!

Even though a corridor is simply connecting one room or area of the house to another, you still want to exhibit your decor style and personal tastes in this area. Use it to hang up photographs that reveal your favourite family memories or simply add a few pieces of art along the walls. If your corridor is too narrow, you don't want to put any decor items into it that will take up too much floor space.

Have a look through the: homify range of products for corridors for inspiration for your own home.

Before the Design

Despite the bad lighting in the apartment, before the revamp, the colours used are also out of fashion and worn down. The whole bottom half of the wall looks like cement, while the top half of the wall is a grubby light peach colour.

The doors in this image are a darker peach colour, but also look worn down and grubby. This is a space that is in serious need of some TLC!

Remember that your storage spaces should always look neat, modern and sophisticated, complementing the rest of your home. Read these tips on a creative closet revamp.

Before Sanity & Sanitation

We end off our tour in the bathroom, where you can see just how dire the situation was. Pipes and cables are exposed, the walls, toilet and tub look grubby and it doesn't look very hygienic.

When it comes to your bathroom, you always want it look clean, neat and sanitised! This is where you soak in bubble baths, brush your teeth and do your make-up. It should be a fresh and modern area that always looks clean.

If you have a small bathroom, invest in a good vanity cupboard behind the mirror or cupboards under the sink. This will allow you to store all of your personal items, such as make-up and toothpaste, neatly out of sight. Minimalist and sleek is the way to go when it comes to your bathroom!

Have you witnessed a home undergo a make-over? What do you think of this renovation? Comment your thoughts below!

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