7 excellent ideas you can copy from this great house

Leigh Leigh
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Polish architects Biuro Projektowe MTM STYL have taken a classic family home and turned it into the sweetest little space that you'll ever find. 

Modern, precise and pretty, this home utilises space and functionality—characteristics found throughout the architect's projects. Look at this home that they have designed, for example. It's incredibly similar to the home we at homify will be exploring today. The architects take modern elements and translate them into a comfortable family home.

What all of the architect's projects show is that you don't have to sacrifice coziness and comfort for style! Today, we will look at one of their masterpieces, nicknamed Meteor 2, and discover why this is the cutest family home you've ever seen!

Bold and Beautiful

Our first view of the house depicts how subtle and smart it is. The exterior is finished in 50 shades of grey, with the darker sections highlighting the roof, windows and doors, framing the entire home. Although it is a double storey home, it is not ostentatious or over the top. 

In fact it's practical, yet sophisticated, finished in a traditional triangle shape. We can see that the architects have added modern elements to the space in the form of a beautiful, glass conservatory. There is also a balcony that leads off from the second floor, offering beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Tip: If you're looking to feature a conservatory in your home, have a look through this range in homify conservatories for inspiration! There are so many ways to do it!

Open Plan is a Plan!

If we move into the interior of the house, we can see that an open plan design has been utilised. 

Wooden floors merge with beautiful, white tiling. The wooden flooring is used throughout the living room, while the white tiles are used for the dining room, kitchen and entrance hall. This creates a very warm and cozy feeling in the living room, while retaining quite a modern and retro look and feel throughout the rest of the living space.

In the kitchen, it's also much easier to clean tiles!

Open plan is a great idea for small homes, as is utilising a minimalist look and feel. Minimalism means sticking to functional furniture and decor items and storing the rest out of sight. This opens up a home and makes it feel far more spacious. Read these: Inspired storage solutions for small homes.

Classic Kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect example of minimalist style, with sleek silver appliances and clear counter tops. We love how the dark brown wood works with the white and charcoal colours throughout. 

You'll notice that the counter tops only feature a few, carefully selected items. This is because the moment you have too much cutlery or crockery on the counter tops, you end up with a very cluttered and messy looking kitchen. Choose to only put beautiful jars or colourful sweets on display, keeping everything else neatly stored away.

You also want a clear space to work with, so that you'll be inspired to whip up some gourmet classics. Your kitchen should be like a blank canvas from which you can create incredible culinary delights.

Also read these: Simple tips for tackling kitchen furniture.

Don't forget the bathroom!

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the home and should never be overlooked. A bathroom is where you relax in a hot bath after a long, hard day or freshen up before a big date. Which is why your bathroom should always evoke feelings of peace, tranquility and calm. 

This is why the designers have opted for very neutral colours here, creating a gorgeous white space, enhanced by a touch of black. 

They've also worked with the space available to them, despite the sloped ceiling. The trick is to have a bathroom that doesn't feature so many objects that it ends up feeling claustrophobic. It's also a good idea to position your toilet around a corner or even in a separate little closed off area. This way two people can make use of the bathroom at the same time!

Wood Works

If we look at the mezzanine section of the home, we can see how wood plays a prominent role. The stairs, stair rail and floors on the upper level all feature this rich, honey-coloured wood, which warms up the entire section of this space, working with the stark, white walls.

We also love the little triangle window, which allows an abundance of light to filter into this space. Light is so important, especially for a second storey. You don't want your upper level to look dark and dingy. It should be warm, inviting and personal.

Read these tips on: Windows on the stairs for natural lightwindows on the stairs for natural light.

Wooden stairs are also a great feature in any home. There are so many: Wooden staircases that wow!


We end off our tour at the front of the house, where we can see how perfectly this cute family home would fit into any South African neighbourhood. It's safe, secure and mostly importantly, just so sweet to look at!

Don't you love how the front door adds a bit of detail and design to this otherwise very simple and practical exterior look and feel? This is a great tip for any home. If you don't want to go for a design like this, you can always do something a little bit easier—paint your front door a bold primary colour such as blue, green or red. This will add that touch of character and creativity to your home!

Everything about this home has been carefully thought out, with the architects paying incredible attention to detail. The result is a family home that speaks volumes!

What is your favourite part of this home? Would you like to live here? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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