Which bathroom essentials do you need?

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In this edition of homify, we look at the essentials of the bathroom! Our team of experts have compiled this Ideabook filled with simple inspirational ideas that will give your insight into bathroom necessities. Sometimes when you are considering a bathroom revamp it's best to look at the options from the beginning. 

Bathroom essentials can make a difference in keeping a clean space, and we've included everything from mirrors and illumination to storage and even accessories! A clutter-free and brilliant bathroom is achievable! Just follow these easy steps and see what our experts have in mind!

A state of class

This first example of a bathroom displays optimum relaxation and comfort! It's a clean design with natural wooden accents and neutral colours. This bathroom definitely ensures that all the essentials are included, from adequate storage to elegant decor. 

It's warm, inviting and cosy. The bathroom design definitely seems like something you would experience at a luxury hotel! With a little out of the box thinking your home bathroom can be a perfect escape too! How about that bath tub and lovely scented candles for the luxurious experience?

Mirrored effect 1

Another essential to include in your home bathroom is a well-lit mirror. It's simply amazing what this can do to create a comfortable space that is great for applying make-up or shaving. Always consider adding lights above your mirror, especially if your bathroom doesn't enjoy natural sunlight. 

Another tip is to use lighter shades of colour in your bathroom for a brighter effect. A mirror creates an illusion of space in a bathroom and with excellent illumination the space seems even larger! We simply love the classic look of this design!

Mirrored effect 2

Another example of a well-lit mirror in a bathroom can be seen here, but instead of the bathroom being a lighter shade, here we see an ocean blue accented tone used on the walls, with white tiles and a white cabinet. In this idea, the colour works well with the powerful brightness of the lights alongside the mirror. 

This clever use of mirror, lighting and colour would make a great bathroom for a home at the seaside! It has a marine like shade of blue, while the neutral wooden countertop has a beach sand tone. It's simple and works well in our books!

Heated towel rail 1

A heated towel rail is an accessory often seen in modern bathrooms. This idea is gaining popularity, but it is a luxury that not everyone is fortunate to have. The unique heated towel rail in this image by the team at Varela Design is more than just a towel rail… it's a work of art! 

The simplicity of the white and black bathroom, minimalist layout and sleek furnishings and fixtures is truly a futuristic bathroom style. It's original and unusual, but we adore it all the more!

Heated towel rail 2

So you may not be a fan of the futuristic looking heated towel rail, but would like the option for your rustic bathroom style instead, then here is heated that's a little more traditional. It's a classic example of style. How about a splash of colour on your bathroom wall to add a bit of vibrancy when compared to the all-white look of the radiator? You'll never have cold towels again!

Bath mat

A bath mat is another essential that we should include in the home bathroom. Match your bath mat with the towels for that fantastic hotel look! Use simple white towels, bath mat and even gown for an elegant and luxurious effect that is sophisticated and clean! The contrast of the wood as well as the countertop makes this bathroom style a classic one!


We all love a glamourous and elegant bathroom, but it's important to not forget the other essential, a place for trash! How about a cylindrical wicker basket? This option will go with a variety of bathroom styles, whether your home design is rustic or modern! Adding an aesthetically pleasing rubbish bin will leave your bathroom looking uncluttered too!

Storage 1

Any bathroom regardless of whether it is rustic or minimalist will need a storage space for that sophisticated and uncluttered look! This compact cabinet has multiple compartments to store anything from towels to toiletries and even toilet paper. For a more private and clutter-free space add wicker baskets for those smaller items. This will leave your bathroom counter clean and tidy too!

Storage 2

If space is a problem for you, add this vertical storage space to your bathroom. It's great for housing your toiletries and towels and looks a lot better than having everything on your countertop! The wicker basket look here is great for any bathroom design! Better storage is possible in your home!


Once you've tackled all the major essentials in your bathroom, it's time to add a personal touch through decor! This can mean anything from a lavender pot plant for colour and a great smell or scented candles for that relaxing experience… how about adding matching soaps, spritzers and hand lotion that goes with the colour of your bathroom? There you have it, a comfortable and luxurious bathroom in your own home! If you are considering a bathroom revamp, then these Brilliant ways to upgrade your bathroom might just be for you!

What essentials do you include in your bathroom?

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