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Have you recently moved and feel that you need to decorate your home exactly to your taste? Do you feel a bit lost and do not know where to start or what to do with all of your ideas? On top of everything, do you have a fixed budget to devote to the decoration and do not want to exceed it? If the answer was yes to any of these, stay tuned to this article made just for you!

When the mission is to decorate a house, we may lose quickly, spending more than what we can or that we were counting on. A little ornament here, a frame here and that beautiful blanket we saw in our favourite store become huge burdens on the budget. Even worse, often these object do not fit exactly as we thought, and are eventually stowed away in a corner, given away or sold at a lower price. At best, we can return them to the store where we bought it from, but the feeling of frustration will be the same. 

Problems can also arise after the fact as a lack of practical sense of some decorative elements (yes, that life-size Darth Vader figure was our dream since the first film of the saga, but we did not imagine it will have to be moved every time we have a dinner party, or scare overnight guests to no end). It is important that the decoration of our house fits in our day to day lives and our way of being, so that nothing is displaced in the environment.

Having said that, our team chose some tips to create a decorating guide for beginners. Curious? Come and see our suggestions!

Keep it simple

Less is more, right?  If in doubt, keep it simple. Better a bedroom as shown in the photograph, which over time may or may not come to host more decorative elements, rather than suddenly fill the space with things just because you think you ought to. 

Interior decoration is in no hurry, it has to do with our personal preferences and we have to like it. A simple space that facilitates the day-to-day activities is paramount, and there will always be small notes that can be added and will make a charming space.

 Decorating a house is like building a relationship with someone—it is not a race but a marathon that we must savour and enjoy every step of the way! You will see how the life you want to give to your home will come with more authenticity in this way!

Draw up a plan of your spaces and study the environment

The first step in successful decorating is to know the space that you will decorate. Make drawings, take measurements, idealise objects, colours and materials. Another thing that helps a lot is to search the internet and websites of your favourite stores to see what they have and get a more realistic idea of what the market offers and what you can fit in your home. In addition, many sites show the prices of their products, so you immediately have a sense of the amount of money which you may spend on the purchase of these items. 

While it may seem like a boring step, it will bear fruit in the medium and long term! Invest a little time and patience to avoid frustration later. Be patient and wait for a particular product: it is better to have that empty space until you get what you ordered than to put something else in the space that you’ll regret.

Keep a sense of balance

Balance as the foundation of decorating a space is very important. To avoid things being far too extravagant for our tastes, we must reach a middle ground, so as not to let things detract from each other. In addition, you must also split the decor in order to fill all the space and everything to have a place in the ensemble. For example, you will not leave an entire wall empty, or a whole corner without furniture.

Let there be harmony!

Another important issue is the harmony of decorative elements and furniture that take up a division. The proportion of present objects in this room create an order that is pleasing to the eye and does not disturb visual continuity. In social spaces and especially in your bedroom, this harmony should be fine-tuned so that people feel comfortable and that your rest is not indirectly disturbed by what the messages your eyes convey indirectly to your brain.

Be practical

We know from experience that the hustle and bustle of daily life can consume our energy to the point of not having time for large projects of cleaning or tidying. If you are the type of person who likes quick, simple and effective things, rather opt for decor that is as practical as possible. Therefore, look for ways to ease you day to day life, using storage solutions in the kitchen, for example.

Pots in the kitchen can be hung under upper cabinets: in addition to becoming fully available, they can be saved in this position while still wet. Another intelligent solution is the use of magnets that hold food preparation knives, for example, or even rotating shelves that take advantage of the space and do not hinder the access to utensils, spices, etc. The straight and simple lines of furniture also facilitate the maintenance of cleaning.

Enter trends

The last suggestion that we leave you with is to incorporate some trends on a decorative level that can give your home a modern air, never failing to add your personal touch. In this particular case presented by Spacemakers, we quickly realize that the room works perfectly well despite the mix of a modern sofa with older lines. It is quite possible that both chains co-exist because there is a natural balance between the colours and the structure of the sofas.

Which of these tips were most helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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