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Top 7 interior design trends in South Africa for 2019

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We’re not even two full months into 2019 and already a bunch of interior design trends have emerged that people can’t seem to get enough of. And in a time where so much seems to divide us it’s really refreshing to find something that we have in common, even if it is the furnishings, décor, colours and patterns that we bring into our homes.

So, what style-up touches do you need to abide by in order to be considered “trendy” for the rest of this year? Let’s find out…   

1. 2019’s interior design trends: Geometric shapes

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Squares, circles, ellipses, stars, hearts… there are so many geometric shapes to choose from! And apparently they are the must-have patterns to include on your walls in 2019. Thus, if you've been searching for some inspiration to give that bland wall a makeover with some paint, wallpaper or even shelves, consider your search over!

Oh, and be sure to experiment with fun colours!

2. 2019’s interior design trends: Splashes of yellow

Speaking of colours, yellow is the name of the (colour) game—so far, at least. And since there are so many hues to choose from (Canary, Gold, Butterscotch, Honey, Tuscany, Bumblebee… ), who are we to judge?

So, pick your choice of yellows and see where in your home you can embrace a bit of sunny cheerfulness. A focal wall in the living room? New scatter cushions for the guest bedroom? How about floating shelves in the hallway for small, friendly accents of colour?

3. 2019’s interior design trends: Tin is in

It would seem roughly 563% of Pinterest fans have been pinning pics of tin tiles lately, which makes it an official trend for 2019! 

From backsplashes to wallpaper and from leaving them exposed to painting them, tin tiles (or panels) are considered the “in” thing for homeowners who wish to bring some texture (and a whole lot of class) indoors. 

4. 2019’s interior design trends: Tile painting

Wall stickers Turquoise BathroomDecoration Multicolored

Wall stickers


They say that history repeats itself, and it would seem the same can be said of trends. Remember those patterned floor- and wall tiles with mosaic- and Mediterranean-like patterns that were considered classy a few decades ago? Well, they’re back! And to copy the look, more and more people are painting their parquet floors with bold colours and eye-catching patterns.

Let’s try a bit of DIY ‘paint your own tiles’ this weekend, shall we?

5. 2019’s interior design trends: Creative cacti

NEW HOUSE GARDENS, CAPE TOWN Grobler Architects Minimalist bedroom White
Grobler Architects


Grobler Architects

Why is it that succulents are experiencing a surge in popularity? Could it be the fact that water is becoming scarcer and more and more cities/countries are restricting water usage? Or is it simply because there is a world of possibilities when it comes to beautiful cactuses (and other succulents) styling up homes worldwide, both inside and outside? 

Our recommendation is to combine your choice of succulents and cactus arrangements with rocks and pebbles for an even more on-trend look. 

6. 2019’s interior design trends: Wallpapers that wow

We’ve said it countless times, yet it deserves repeating: wallpaper will never be out of style. And in 2019, the wallpaper trend is back, but this time it opts for bold prints and stunning colours for an even louder “oh, wow” exclamation. 

And it’s not just meant for the kiddies’ corner anymore! 

7. 2019’s interior design trends: Textile art

Your wall art options for 2019 have just become so much wider, as fabric has joined the mix for some textured, artsy aesthetics. Can’t find a painting or photograph for your wall? Try something made from fabric like a vintage handmade rug, art quilt, macramé wall décor, or even a stylish dream catcher! We have it on good authority that the Pinterest searches for ‘textile art’ have been up by about 1,718%! 

And speaking of amazing interiors, how about putting the right professionals in charge of your home makeover for 2019? Someone like Dessiner Interior Architectural, an interior design firm located in Pretoria, but servicing the entire Gauteng area?  

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Speaking of what’s up for the home, have you heard of the New interior trend: The broken plan layout

Which of these interior design trends will you be copying ASAP?
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