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The Green Stripe Affair

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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In this edition of homify 360, we head out to Frankenberg, Germany where the home builders at FingerHaus GMBH tackled a fantastic and modern home construction project, creating a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing structure! This family home has simplicity and elegance as well as a touch of personal style both on the exterior and inside!

This eye-catching home is made even more attractive by the green stripe. Simplicity can be elegant too! And these home does it so well! Let's enjoy this brilliant home with a closer look from all angles! You might just be inspired to use similar design techniques in your own home decor!

Posterior Angle

This home design and decor is fabulous, unusual and unique! The fantastic colour combination of the all-white walls with the simple green stripes makes this home stand out from the rest, almost like a beacon! Surrounded by luscious green lawns, this white and green façade is definitely the most noticeable house on the street! 

The unusual green striped accent makes for an interesting colour combination and the owners of this home will be known for the originality of their home exterior. It's a bit daring, different and altogether trend setting! No need to say which number your house is on the street… the colour combination will be your guide!

Side View

From this perspective, we get a totally different view of the extraordinary exterior! The attention to detail of the garden as well as the creativity of the design, makes this home a fantastic modern space! Now that makes for an attractive feature. Again we catch a glimpse of the green stripe on this side of the home, which works well with the darker roof and white walls. 

The addition of the modern glazing decorates the entire house, allowing the residents to enjoy a bright and comfortable interior regardless of the weather. Gorgeous greenery surrounds and completes this magnificent home design.

Living Space

The lower levels of this home house the comfortable living area, the grey and white modern sofa blends well with the modern white coffee table, while the walls are coated in white with a surprising rust coloured accent wall and matching floral drapes.

The colours and layout of this living room along with the TV make it a modern, elegant and charming area. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a good movie on the comfortable sofa in this relaxing space? This inspirational living area doesn't need anything else… simplicity achieved!

Modern Kitchen

A modern kitchen is a must-have in any new home! And while this amazing home has all the elements of modernity, surely a gourmet kitchen should be one of the aspects included! This functional and practical cooking space is the dream of any culinary novice or master.

This kitchen is aesthetically pleasing, sleek and modern with all the appliances needed to make a house a home! The trendy design will remain a stylish attraction for a number of years too! So no need to worry about the kitchen being outdated! If you need kitchen revamp ideas, consider this Ideabook to Spice up your kitchen with a tasty remodel.

Bright and Breezy

The dining room—a space to entertain and enjoy the company of friends and family with good food and lots of laughter! This social zone has every aspect of modern living covered, with its beautiful design features, great views of the outdoors and comfortable eating space.

The area can be enjoyed by guests and residents alike and is bathed in natural sunlight and cooling fresh air throughout the day, while at night the fantastic crystal chandelier becomes the main attraction! So whether you are planning to host a family Sunday brunch or a delicious intimate dinner for two, your lighting will always be perfect!

Bedroom Simplicity

We are at the end of this homify 360 tour. But our final image takes us to the private space of this magnificent home… the bedroom. A solace, an escape from the realities of family and work. The bedroom is a space to relax and unwind! The large and comfortable bed looks so inviting, while the functional wardrobe glazed with a mirror creates an illusion of a larger more spacious room! 

The abundance of natural sunlight entering this bedroom definitely creates a more comfortable space and with a touch of greenery at the window, this bedroom will be comfortable and fresh at any time! The simplicity of this design and the functional aspect of the decor, will ensure a classic bedroom style for years to come!

Did you like the striped effect on the exterior? What would be your colour of choice?

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