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This apartment interior in Kollwitzplatz, Berlin, Germany was the design masterpiece of Charlotte Wiessner Architektur. The space has a delicate charm; soft pastel hues, gorgeous materials and intricate details create an almost dream-like quality. 

If we were to adhere to feminine-masculine dichotomy of design categorizations, we could say the design has a distinctly feminine quality. This is manifested in the colour selections which have become synonymous with femininity in contemporary western society. Now let's step inside, and float through these soft and dreamy spaces!

Space to space

The wide timber floor boards are painted white, as are the ceilings and all the trimmings and mouldings. The walls, however, are washed in a beautiful pastel tones—each space receiving its own colour and identity. Floor rugs, furniture with sumptuous materials, and artworks provide extra infusions of colour. 

Each space is distinct and delimited; yet, together, they are strung together like a beautiful and eloquent sentence. The double door width openings are aligned, drawing the eye through each adjacent space in perfect perspective. 

The living room

Natural light flows though the beautiful, original timber windows and french doors. The space is so light and airy! Every piece of furniture is carefully and thoughtfully selected—whilst in no way matching, each item appears as part of the family group. 

Flowers add a final delicate touch of delicacy to the incredible space. For more living room ideas—some soft and sumptuous, others harder and edgier—take a look here!

The kitchen

The kitchen is located directly between the living room and dining room. Note that, here, the word room is assigned to living and dining, We have become to accustomed to large and singular open plan living spaces—each function just assigned an area as opposed to a room. Each spatial arrangement has its merits—what is wonderful here is how cleverly the design orchestrates the relationship between division and connection. Separate, yet fluid, each space is in dialogue with the other. 

Stainless steel kitchen cabinetry is capped with timber bench surfaces—an inversion of the more typical material application. The flooring changes from timber to tiles—this is functional in as much as it is a visual demarcation.  

The master bedroom

The master bedroom is no exception when it comes to sumptuous and dreamy spaces! Patterning enters this room, both in the gorgeous bedspread and the filigree pattern of the wallpaper. 

Soft, sheer curtains fall from ceiling to floor, a beautiful chandelier punctuates the space, and final touches are definitely not amiss—what a delightful space of repose! For more bedroom ideas, take a look though these varied examples!

Bathroom beauty

Last but certainly not least, we get a glimpse of the bathroom. As in every other space of the home, meticulous attention to detail and exquisite finesse pervade the design. Tiled surfaces are used in interesting ways and combinations, the freestanding bath has an old world charm, and the fabric covered chair exudes comfort and luxury in a space so often given over to function. 

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